Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nexus between science and hinduism


Dear readers,
We kept you guessing last time when we said we will come up with a new, fresh, interesting topic with our next blog posting.So lets not keep you all waiting any longer.


Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the
relationships among those facts.There are various sciences like physical sciences(astronomy, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics), life sciences (anatomy, physiology, genetics, medicine), social science ( anthropology, economics, politics, psychology, sociology).

The scientific process revolves around:
1 observing nature
2 classifying data
3 using logic
4 conducting experiments
5 forming a hypothesis
6 expressing findings

Nowadays people have started developing a feeling that science is everything.They feel that for each and every phenomenon that occurs, there is a scientific reason for that pheomenon.They feel that science is absolute and that through science any question can be answered.Further many people have also formed firm opinions in their minds that tradition, religion and spirituality have little or no value in the present day world.They feel that these things are outdated.

Ignorant are such people because they fail to understand that science has a beginning.

The origin of science can be traced to the time when man discovered fire.He started rubbing stones against each other to generate fire.Then came the discovery of the wheel and thus began the development of science.

But such people should note that whatever has a beginning has an end.

"Even science has many many limitations."
If the above statement were not true then a challenge to anyone to answer one simple question : Can science prevent death of a living thing?
The answer has to be No! Apart from the above question there are so many questions that science has not been able to answer, like how to prevent earthquakes and tsuanmi's, how to prevent and cure certain diseases.So those people who think that 'science is everything', please think again......

To summarise:
* science has a beginning and an end
* science has several limitations
* science cannot answer all questions
* science is not absolute

Coming to the basic purpose of writing on this topic,

there exists something that helps overcome the limitations of science,there exists something that goes beyond science,there exists something that has no beginning and no end,there exists something that answers all questions!!! What is that something? You would ask!

For the answer, wait till 7th March when we come up with our next posting. A broad hint on what that something is..... no no then it becomes very easy to guess.... radhekrishna!!
keep thinking!!

Saravam Guruvarpanam

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Guru Parampara Prabhavam


Dear Readers,
In our last posting we started with the topic 'Guru Paramapara Prabhavam'
and we left you with a question that why our Gurujiamma has selected Krishna Namam?
So as promised here we are with the answer to that question.

The answer lies in Srimad Bhagwatam and Bhagwat Gita-the former written by the great sage vyasa and the latter uttered by Bhagwan SriKrishna himself to Arjuna in the battlefield amidst the assembled soldiers of both sides roaring to go in war at any time and also in the tenets of Vaishnava philosophy.

The incarnation of Lord Krishna in Dwaparayugam is considered bythe learned sages of yore as "Paripoorna Avataram".Whereas Sri Rama Avataram in Tretha yugam is considered as 'Poorna Avataram'

Without going much into details of it,it is sufficient to know that-

1) Sri Krishna Avataram is a Poorna Avataram.
2) This is the latest in ages.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna right from the day of his birth(Avataram)and even before that(informing Vasudeva and Devaki in their dream that He is going to be born in Devaki's womb as per the earlier commitments by Lord to his devotee) till he breathed his last on the accomplishments of his mission of protecting the Good and destroying the evil and establishing Dharma in the world, has shown himself that he is not the ordinary mortal but veritably the Lord Himself born in the form of a yadava to kill kamsa and to free his parents and grandfather from jail.Throughout his life span he not only acted as a normal human being but wherever the occasion demanded he has not hesitated even fora moment to assume the required form of Lord Krishna and destroyed the evil forces or helped his devotees in that form.Such is the multi-faceted manifestation of Sri Krishna.Are you wonderstruck of his action?

On the contrary Sri Rama always tried and faithfully followed the'Manushya Dharma'-The Dharma ordained for the mortals and throughout his life he considered himself as the mortal son of Dasharatha by name 'Rama',born to fulfil certain obligations of Kshtriya kings.So there is a veritable difference in the approach to each and everything by Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as fully described in Srimath Ramayanam and Srimath Bhagwatham and MahaBhagwatham.

Suffice to say that 'Sri Krishna' is much more suitable to the present day world with all its tamifications which in more ways than one is similar to the period of Lord Krishna.Further in the Bhagwatham it is stressed that:

1) In Kaliyuga 'naamsankeertanam' of Bhagawan's name is the only way to uplift oneself and it is more than equal to tapas,homam and yagnyam performed by people of kritha,tretha,dwapara yugas.

2) In Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna states that the distressed, he who derives wealth and the man of knowledge worships Him.All those forms are great but He deems the man of knowledge to be of His very self.

Vasudeva is all(Vasudeva Sarvamithi).So men of knowledge find refuge in Him.But this kind of knowledge comes at the end of many births.If any devotee seeks to worship with faith in any form He makes that very faith steadfast(in that form alone).Now you can take refuge under this that Sri Krishna Namajapam form of worship as enuciated by Poojya Shri Shri Amma is similar to this. The worshippers of different Gods will go to those Gods.But His(Sri Krishna's) devotees will come to Him(Sri Krishna).To know the real Supremacy of Sri Krishna this statement is to be read with utmost faith."Not knowing His nature as Supreme Lord of all beings,fools disregard the dwelling in a human form.Sri Krishna has been the cowherd as well as the king.He is the rites ordained in the Vedas,the rituals taught by the scriptures,the ancestral offering and herb,the holy syllable "OM".

Without going into too many proofs we can rest our faith in the emphatic statement of Lord Krishna in sloka 34 chapter 9th theyoga of royal science and royal mystery."Fix your mind on Me,be My devotee,worship me,bow down to me.Having thus controlled yourself and regarding me as your Supreme goal,you shall come to me."The very same words are spoken and ordained by Poojya Shri Shri Amma to be followed by all who approach her for guidance and blessings.So dear readers of this article,simply follow Poojya Shri Shri Amma's command and uplift yourself leading to the ultimate communion with Lord Krishna.


Our next posting will be on a fresh, new and a very interesting topic and that topic is ........
no not now.....wait till our next posting on 22nd feb 2005

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