Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why the name Krishna?


Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna! In the first few important manifestations of His, Lord Krishna says that He is Vishnu, Shankara, the Sun, the Moon, Indra the king of Gods etc. Thus one can understand that the demi-gods, this universe, all the animals, plants, trees and so also all the non-living entities forming part of the nature, the various qualities, intangible things are nothing but manifestations of the Supreme, Lord Krishna. He is the Universal set whereas everything else and everyone else are the sub-sets of this universal set. That is the reason why Lord Krishna should be the only one to be worshipped. Because once having worshipped Him there is no need to separately worship any other demi-god. The demi-gods are given authority and responsibilities by none other than Lord Krishna. Talking in a corporate terminology, if the CEO or the managing director of a company is happy with our performance then there is no need for us to make anyone else in the company, happy.

Lets take a look at the other important manifestations of Lord Krishna in this article.

AshravattatHaha sarvavrukshanaam devarishinaam cha naaradaHa
GandHarvaanaam Chitrarathaha SiddHaanaam KapilOmunihi.

Of trees, I am Asvattha. Of celestial seers, I am Narada. Of Gandharvas, I am Chitraratha. Of the perfected I am Kapila.

Chapter 10 verse 26

Uchhaihi Shravasamshravaanaam Viddhi maamaamrutOdHbhavam
Airavatam Gajendraanaam naraanaam cha naraadhipam.

Of horses know me to be Uccaihsravas the nectar-born. Of lordly elephants, I am Airavata, and of men, I am the monarch.

Chapter 10 verse 27

AayudhanaamaHam vajram dhenunaamasmi Kamadhuk.
Prajnshravaasmi KandHarpaha Sarpaanaamasmi VasukiHi.

Of weapons, I am the Vajra (thunderbolt). Of cows, I am Kamadhuk. I am Kandarpa, the cause of progency. Of serpants, I am Vasuki.

Chapter 10 verse 28

Anantashravasmi naagaanaam varunO yaadasaamaHam
Pitrunnaamaryamaa cha-asmi yama: sanyamataamaham.

Of snakes, I am Ananta. Of aquatic beings, I am Varuna. Of manes, I am Aryama. Of subduers, I am Yama.

Chapter 10 verse 29

Meaning: Of trees, I am Asvattha which is worthy of worship. Of celestial seers, I am Narada. Kamadhuk is the divine and the most sacred cow. I am Kandarpa, the cause of progency. Sarpas are single-headed snakes while Nagas are many-headed snakes. Aquatic creatures are known as Yadamsi. Of them I am Varuna. Of subduers, I am Yama, the son of the sun-god.

Prahaladashrvasmi daityanaam kaalaha kalayataamaHam.
Mrugaanaam cha mrugendrOaHam vainateyashrava pakshinaam

Of Daityas, I am Prahlada. Of reckoners, I am Death. Of beasts, I am the lion, and of birds I am Garuda the son of Vinata.

Chapter 10 verse 30

Of those who reckon with the desire to cause evil, I am the god of death-(here an emissary of his who records the time of death of creatures is meant).

Pavanaha pavataamasmi raamaha shastrabhrutaamaHam
Zashaanaam makarashravasmi srotasaamasmi jahnavi

Of moving things, I am the wind. Of those who bear weapons, I am Rama. Of fishes, I am Makara, and of rivers, I am Ganga.

Chapter 10 verse 31

Meaning: Of moving things, namely, of those things whose nature is to move, I am the wind. Of those who bear weapons, I am Rama. Here the quality of bearing weapons is the Vibhuti, as no other sense is possible. Aditya etc., being individual selves, contitute attributes of the Lord, who is their Self as they constitute His body. Therefore they stand in the same position of the attribute as that of bearing weapons.

Sargaannamaadirantashrava madhyam chaivahaHamarjuna
Aghyatmavidya vidyanaam vaadaha pravadatamaHam

Of creatures, I am the beginning and the end, and also the middle, O Arjuna. Of sciences, I am the science of self (of the individual and Universal Self). Of those who argue, I am the fair reasoning.

Chapter 10 verse 32

Meaning: Those that undergo creation are ‘creatures’. Their beginning is the cause. The meaning is that, of the creatures which are being created at all times, I am Myself the creator. Similarly, I am the end, namely the destroyer of everyone of those who are being destroyed at all times. Similarly I am the middle, namely, the sustentation. The meaning is, I am the sustainer of those who are being sustained at all times. Of those who indulge in Jalpa ( argument) and Vitanda (perverse criticism) etc., I am the fair reasoning which determines the truth.

Aksharanaamkaaroasmi dvandvaha saamasikasya cha
Ahamevaakshayaha kaalo ghataaham vishravatomukhaha.

Of letters, I am the alphabet ‘a’. Of compound words, I am the Dvandva (copulative). I am Myself imperishable Time. I am the Creator, facing every side.

Chapter 10 verse 33

Meaning: Of letters I am the alphabet ‘a’ which is the base of all letters as established in the Sruti: ‘The letter ‘a’ itself is all speech’. Samasika means collection of compound words. In it, I am the Dvandva compound; it is eminent because the meanings of both constituent terms are important. I am Myself imperishable Time composed of (divisions like) Kala, Muhurta etc. I am the four-faced Hiranyagarbha who is the creator of all.

….to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why the name Krishna?


Dear Readers,

In this article let us have a look at the divine manifestations of Lord Krishna as told by Lord Krishna Himself to Arjuna in Srimad Bhagwad Gita. He has given numerous examples to Arjuna about his auspicious manifestations. After reading about these manifestations there shouldn't be left any doubt about the supremacy possessed by Lord Krishna in the minds of all the readers.
There is no other God who has told that Yes! I am supreme! except Lord Krishna.This entire universe exists on an infinitesimal part of his power. The space, our planet earth, the nature are all a part of his energies only. Coming back to the descriptions now:

Aadityanaamaham VishnujyortHishaam raviranshumaan
Marichirmarutaamasmi nakshatraanaamaha shashi

Of Aditays I am Vishnu, of luminous bodies I am the radiant sun. Of the Maruts, I am Marici, and among the constellations I am the moon.

Chapter 10 verse 21.

Of Adityas who are twelve in number, I am the twelfth Adtiya, called Vishnu who is paramount. Of luminous bodies, namely, among luminaries in the world, I am the sun, the most brilliant luminary. Of Maruts, I am the paramount Marici. Of constellations, I am the moon who is the Lord of the constellations.

VedHanaam SaamvedhOasmi Devanaamasmi Vasavaha
Indrayanaam Manashrasmi Bhutanaamasmi Chetana

Of the Vedas I am Samaveda. Of gods, I am Indra. Of sense-organs, I am the Manas (mind), and of living beings, I am consciousness.

Chapter 10 verse 22

Of the Vedhas, namely Rigvedha, Yajurvedha, Saamavedha and Atharvavedha, I am the Samavedha which is the paramount one. Of the gods I am indra the king of gods. Of sense organs, I am the mind which is the most important and powerful sense organ. Of living beings, i.e. those with consciousness, I am that consiousness.

Rudhranaam Shankarashravasmi VitteshO Yaksharkshasaam
Vasunaam Paavakshravasmi Meruhu Shikhrinaamaham

Of the Rudras I am Shankara. Of the Yakshas and Raksasas, I am the Lord of wealth (Kubera). Of the Vasus, I am Agni. Of the mountains, I am Meru.

Chapter 10 verse 23

Of eleven rudras, I am Shankara. Yakshas are celestial beings with magical powers. Among Yakshas and Raksasas I am Kubera, son of Visravas. Among the eight Vasus I am Agni. Of mountains, namely of those mountains which shine with peaks, I am Meru.

Puroghasaam cha mukhyam maam ViddHi Paarth Brihaspatim
Senaninaamaham Skandaha sarsaamasmi saagaraha

Among family priests, O Arjuna, know Me to be the chief Brihaspati who is the paamount. Of commanders or generals on a battle-field, I am Skanda. Of reservoirs of water, I am the ocean.

Chapter 10 verse 24

Maharishinaam bhruguraha giramasmyekamAksharam
Yagnanaam japayagnOasmi stHavaranaam Himalayaha.

Of great seers (rishis) I am Bhrgu. Of words, I am the single-lettered word Om. Of sacrifices, I am the sacrifice of Japa (chanting). Of immovable things I am the Himalayas.

Of great seers like Marici etc I am Bhrgu. Words are sounds that convey meaning. Of such words I am the single-lettered word Om. Om is the first sound to have emanated from the universe. Of the sacrifices, I am the sacrifice of Japa (sacred formula silently repeated) which is the most prominent form of sacrificial offerings. Of immovables or mountains, I am the Himalaya.

Let us look at many other auspicious manifestationsof Lord Krishna in our forthcoming issues.

…..to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Monday, November 21, 2005

Why the name Krishna?


Dear Readers,

We concluded the last article with an unanswered question which was asked by arjuna to Lord Shri Krishna. Arjuna wanted to know in detail about the infinite multitudes of auspicious attributes of the Lord. Truly His (Lord Krishna’s) sovereignty over the whole world is unrivalled and the universe is governed by His will, as it constitutes His body, with Him for its Self.

All the demi-gods like indra, agni (fire-god), shiva, bramha, Vishnu, yama etc have limited power. Indra is the king of all demi-gods. The agni deva (fire-god) rules the element of fire which has the capacity to burn anything. Shiva is given the power of annihilation i.e. the power to destroy anything. Bramha is given the power of creation i.e. he has the authority to create all living things like human-beings, animals, plants and so on. Vishnu is given the responsibility of maintaining the harmony or balance of the universe. Any abnormalities happening anywhere in the universe have to be set right by Him. Yama is the god of death. His job is to take the ‘life’ of everyone i.e. animals, plants, human beings etc at the right time.

But its Lord Krishna who is at the top of all of them and who has the supreme authority.

Just like the decision of the Supreme Court is deemed to be final and cannot be challenged by anyone so also any decision taken or anything done by Lord Krishna cannot be undone by anything or anyone.

Moving now towards the answer to the unanswered question of last article,

Lord Krishna says,

Hannta te KaTHayiSHyami DivyaHyatmaVibhutyaha
Pradhanyataha kurukshresHthaha nastyantO vistarasya mae

Indeed I shall tell you, O Arjuna, My auspicious manifestations (Vibhutis)-those that are prominent among these. There is no end to their extent.

Chapter 10 verse 19

Meaning: O Arjuna, I shall tell you My auspicious manifestations-those that are prominent among these. The term ‘Pradhanya’ connotes pre-eminence (importance). I shall tell you those manifestations of Mine that are prominent in the world. For it would not be possible to tell or listen to them in detail, because there is not limit to them.

Shri Krishna clearly declares that He rules over all the creatures by actuating them from within as their self. He also declares His being the creator, sustainer and destroyer of everything.

Ahamaathma gudaakesha SarvabHutashayastithaha
Ahamaadishrava madhyam cha bHutanamantaha aeva cha

I am the Self, O Arjuna, dwelling in the hearts of all beings. I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings.

Chapter 10 verse 20

Meaning: I am the Self (soul) dwelling in the heart of all beings who constitute My body. The word ‘Self ‘ here should be interpreted as the supporter, controller and the principal of a body. Its something, in the absence of which a body by itself cannot exist. The meaning of ‘I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings’ is that ‘I am the cause of the origination, sustentation and dissolution of everyone and everything. This is the message that Lord Krishna wants to convey through the above shloka.

As the Lord abides as the Self in all, the final significance of all terms culminates in Him. Terms such as God, man, bird, tree etc., though they signify the respective physical forms of those objects, they culminate through them in the selves in them as their final significance. The soul in them is the most important reason for their existence. Just like that here it is going to be stated in the conclusion of the account of the manifestations of the Lord, that the Lord’s immanence in them as their Self is the basis for describing them in such co-ordinate predication (as He Himself).

Thus having explained the Lord’s immanence in all beings, which are His manifestations having Him, as their Self, is the ground for naming them in the manner of Samanadhikaranya or co-ordinate predication with Him (i.e., predication that they are He Himself), Shri Krishna proceeds to present some specific or distinguished manifestations in the same style of co-ordinate predication.

We will have a glance at those manifestations in our forthcoming articles.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Monday, November 07, 2005

Why the name Krishna?


Wishing all our readers a very happy, noiseless and pollution free Diwali.Celebrate this Diwali in a unique manner by chanting the name of Lord Krishna. Surely this will make your Diwali a very special one. People nowadays have forgotten the real meaning behind celebrating Diwlali.For nearly everyone in our country Diwali symbolizes bursting crackers (thereby polluting the air), eating sweets and enjoying the holidays by spending time with their families. But everyone seems to have forgotten the reason why Diwali is celebrated. So lets know what the reason is.The first day of Diwali is known as Narakachaturdashi.On this day Lord Krishna killed the demon named Bhaumasura (also known as Narakasura) the son of mother earth (bhumi devi). This demon had caused havoc in the three worlds of heaven, earth and hell.So one of the most important things that one should do on this day is remembering the Lord for destroying the evil. Also one should pray to the Lord to destroy the evil thoughts arising in one’s mind. Just like everyone cleans the body by having a bath daily similarly its important for us to clean our minds also. This can be done by Krishna naamsankeertanam.The peace of mind one gets by chanting cannot be described in words. It can only be experienced.

Coming back to our articles now,

Dear Readers,
The previous article concluded the topic related to linking the scientific law of action-reaction phenomena with the karma theory of Hinduism. In these articles there has been the mention of one name
constantly. That name being the name of Lord Shri Krishna.All you readers must be thinking that why only this name and not the name of any other God? In Hinduism there are so many Gods like bramha, vishnu, shiva,indra, yama etc. but then what could be the reason for the propagation of the name of Lord Krishna? So in this article as well as the forthcoming ones we shall provide you with the answer.Lord Krishna is at the top of the hierarchy.

In an organisation what role and authority a 'Chief Executive officer' or the 'Managing Director' has,such is his power and authority. Under him would come all other demi-gods like bramha, vishnu, shankar,indra etc.This point is proved by He Himself i.e. Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagwad Gita. Other than Krishna there is none who has said that yes! I am the Supreme One. The various asuras or rakshashas (demons) who in their times did tapas (penance) and got whatever boon they wanted,self-proclaimed themselves to be the Supreme. However they met their end at the hands of someone or theother more powerful than them.

The point being very simple that anyone can say he is something only if he actually is that.

In Bhagwad Gita He has given a detailed description of his supremacy to Arjuna.

Arjuna asks Krishna:

KatHam VidyamaHam YoginstVAm sadHa ParichintHayan?
Keshu Keshu cHa BHaveshu ChintayoSi Bhagvanmayaa

Chapter 10 shloka 17

How can I, your devotee, know You by constantlymeditating on You? And in what modes, O Lord, are youto be meditated upon by Me?

VisTHarenaatmane yogam vibhuthim cha janardhana
Bhuyaha Kathaya truptirHi ShruNvato naasti meAmrutam

Chapter 10 shloka 18

Speak to me again in full, O Krishna, about Your attributes and glories. For I am not satisfied by hearing your ambrosial words.

Arjuna asks this question because prior to his asking this question, Lord Krishna says:

AaHam sarvasya prabhavo Math: sarvam pravartha the
Iti matva bHajhante maam budha bHavsamanvitaha

I am the origin of all; from Me proceed everything; thinking thus the wise worship Me with all devotion.

Arjuna is not satisfied with this short description and he wants to know this explanation in a more elaborate manner.

To this Krishna replies as…………

…….to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Friday, October 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,

We continue with the shloka's from Srimad Bhagwad Gita which are related to the ancient 'karma theory' that forms a part of hinduism. This theory is much more superior to the scientific theory that speaks about action-reaction phenomena. Yes its true! there is no doubt about it.

SHubhaaSHubha falaireyvam mokshyase karmabandhanaihi
sanyaasa yogayukthaathma vimuktho maamupaishyasi.

Bhagwad Gita (chapter-9 verse 28)

Thus equipped in mind with the yoga of renunciation, you will free yourself from the bonds of Karma, productive of auspicious as well as inauspicious fruits. Thus liberated, you will come to Me.

Meaning: Thus, equipped with a mind which is firmly set in Yoga, considering yourself as one who's delight lies in being a subsidiary to Me and subject to my control and all acts to be My worship, and engaging yourself in secular and vedic actions, with such an attitude, you will free yourself from countless bonds, called ancient karmas, productive of auspicious and inauspicious results, which stand as a hinderance preventing you from attaining Me. Freed from them, you shall come to Me only.

This shloka is the succeeding shloka of the one which we mentioned in our last posting. That shloka embarked upon dedicating all our acts like doing any work, helping others, engaging in the daily chores, performing rituals etc to Lord Krishna. It also emphasised on offering anything and everything that we eat or drink to Lord Krishna before we actually start eating or drinking that thing. The consequences of acting in this manner are mentioned in the above shloka.

In this shloka Lord Krishna says that if a person acts in such a manner then he willbe freed from the bonds of karma which force an individual to undergo multiple births and deprive his soul from attaining salvation. He says that by following this path a person's soul will surely attain salvation. It will go and merge with Him.The first line mentioned above 'Thus equipped in mind with the yoga of renunciation'is very significant in the context. As described in the above para's if one inculcates this habit of dedicating all one's actions to Lord Krishna then it results in one becoming a very humble human being.

This is because generally when people perform any act such as charity or if they help others, they have a sense of pride. It is very difficult to not think in such a manner. Very rare are such persons who are so modest that they would not take the credit for such type of acts done by them. Its very natural for one to develop 'aaham bhavam' i.e. 'I-ness'. They start boasting that
' I'm great', 'I have donated such a big amounts to such institution as charity' .... and so on.
But such attitude is not to be inculcated. The credit for giving us such an opportunity goes to the all pervading Lord Krishna. We should thank him for the same. That will ensure that we get such good opportunities again and again.

By dedicating all actions to Lord Krishna we are saying, that "Krishna! its your mercy that you have given me an opportunity to perform such a good act. I thank you for that and I whole heartedly dedicate the act that I have performed, to you." When one does so, then automatically the 'I-ness' or aaham bhavam vanishes. Our pride gets renounced and so we are saved from the harmful effects of pride. We develop a 'you attitude' towards Lord Krishna. This attitude helps us greatly.

We learn to accept whatever destiny holds for us. We learn to control our desires. We realise the way to remain happy every moment of our life. This is the magic of hinduism dear readers! See how practical it is. See how relevant it is in our day to day life! Isn't it? Applying the principles of hinduism, one can lead one's life in the best possible manner.

So what are you waiting for? embrace the values, principles, and lessons taught by hinduism and enjoy a happy life! Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,
After going through such articles doesn't one feel that hinduism is not outdated? Its very true that what people today call science has always been a part and parcel of hinduism. Since time immemorial the rishis or sages knew several scientific things which human beings have just discovered now and are taking the credit for the same. Such people feel that they have invented something new but the fact is that they have merely 'discovered' it.

Coming back to our this months first article, in our last posting, we spoke about the most important exam which a person has to give in his lifetime!! That concluded one method following which its possible to attain salvation. Apart from the method that we mentioned to attain salvation i.e through chanting Lord's name throughout one's life and consequently, also at the last moments of one's life, there exists another method which gets us the same result, there exists another road that leads us to the same destination, there exists another key that opens the same lock. That method is described very aptly in the under mentioned shloka:

YathkarOshi yadhashnaasi YajjuhOshi dhadhaasi Yath!
Yaththapasyasi Kountheya! Thathkurushva madharpanam!


Whatsoever you do, Whatsoever you eat, Whatsoever you offer, Whatsoever you give away, Whatsoever austerity you practise, O Arjuna, do that as an offering to Me.
Bhagwad Gita (Chapter-9 verse 27)

A very beautiful verse! This verse says whichever action one performs during one's entire lifetime one must dedicate it sincererly and whole heartedly to Lord Krishna. 'Arpana' means offering'. The indirect meaning of this verse is that if a person performs acts with the aim of reaping its fruits then he will reap the fruits according to the excellence of the act i.e. if the act is good the fruit will be good and if the act is evil then so will be its fruits too.

However if one wishes to escape from the benefits and evils of one's actions then the simplest way is to perform the act by praying to Lord Krishna thus:

Krishna whatever i am doing, i am dedicating it to you.Please accept my acts as an offering to you. I don't know anything. I am at your mercy. I am surrendering myself to your lotus feet. Whatever I am doing, I am doing it as a service to you.

This simple prayer, the Lord says, will free a person automatically from the fruits of that act i.e. that person wont be affected by the merits or demerits of the act. But this prayer must be with a firm faith in mind about the prowess of Lord Krishna as also with sincere devotion (bhakti). Prayer said just for the sake of saying it will be effective but not be as effective as a prayer said with utmost devotion.

All this seems very unreal in modern day world but this is the truth to be frank.A simple example from day to day life can prove it.When a person meets with an accident his/her relatives depend on a doctor to treat him and cure his wounds. That doctor is at that point of time no less than God for them. But when the injury is of a very severe nature then at times even the doctor is not sure whether he will be able to save the patient or not. At such times the doctor consoles the near and dear ones of the patient by saying that he is just a human being and not God. He can only try his best to save the patient but cannot guarantee that the patient will be saved and the doctor also asks them to pray to God to save the patient. This simple example proves the fact that there are limitations to science, irrespective of how much technology develops and irrespective of how many new medicines be discovered by human beings!! Also there exists something which is more powerful than science. That power is the unflinching faith in the Supreme One, Lord Krishna.

This example was just for the purpose of making all the readers aware that even in today's so called modern society when everything else fails, the only thing that may work is a sincere prayer! Isn't it?

.....to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,
Last time we explained the way by which we can remember Lord Krishna during the last moments of the life and by doing which its possible for one to attain salvation. But a small 'apparent' loophole exists in the method described which has to be clarified.
So here we go...

You readers might think (as is the normal human tendency) that well if that is so then let me live my life the way i want; let me enjoy my life thouroughly; then at the end of my life i'll remember Lord Krishna and attain salvation and I wont have to bear the consequences of any evil actions that I may have performed during my lifetime.

This is a very natural way of thinking. But dear readers its not as easy as it seems at the first instance. If one thinks in the way mentioned above then there is a great chance that one will not remember The Lord during his last moments. The simple reason being that one cannot do a thing perfectly when he does it for the first time. Even when a small baby first starts walking on its own without the support of its parents, it falls not once but time and again; till after a few months it learns walking.Any action for that matter cannot be perfected when doing it for the first time.So also one will remember Lord Krishna at the time of his death only if he inculcates this habit of remebering the Lord during his lifetime itself.Only when one remembers the Lord either offering prayers, by chanting his name, singing hymns in his praise, always remembering his various forms throughout one's lifetime, reading or listening to his leela's; only then is it possible for one to remember the Lord whilst lying on one's death bed. Put in a nutshell, and looking at it from a scientific or logical way then it can be said that one needs to ruminate the thoughts about Lord Krishna again and again to be able to remember him while lying on one's death bed.

This explanation sounds so practical doesn't it? A student who has to give so many exams in his life will immediately agree to it! No doubt about it!! How does one remember all the answers to questions in an exam? He reads his textbooks over and over again, writes those answers which he cannot memorise by reading alone;so also, revises his lessons just a day before the exam and then YES! he remembers all the answers during the exam time.He writes the answers and passes the exam.

Similarly, the last moments of one's life is the biggest exam which one has to give. Not only give but also pass in the exam! One can pass in this all important exam only if one studies for this exam throughout his life!! The method of study being chanting the Lord's name as and when he can during his lifetime, dedicating all actions performed as an offering to the Lord; all with sincerity and devotion.These two qualities are so powerful that anything and everything is attainable with the help of these qualities.

If one develops a casual attitude that this chanting and all is the business of old age and that let me do all this during my old age then it would be very similar to a student thinking that there is still time left for my exam and let me enjoy and not study. In the end when the student opens his books to study he suddenly realises that there is not much time left to study. He ultimately fails in his exams due to such attitude. So also is the case of so many individuals who think in the manner described above already! They fail in the all important exam of life and
then it is:

“Punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam, puranapi janane, jatare sayanam.”

i.e. Taking birth again, facing death again, continuously sleeping in this illusionary
world….. "

So dear readers, awaken!! start your preparations for this all important exam from now itself! life is very precious. So put it to the best use! all the best !!!

... to be continued.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear readers,

We left you with a question last time which was:In order to remember Lord Krishna at the last moment of one's life what does one have to do?
We promised you all that the answer would be spelt out in the next posting.
Let us take an example from our day to day life to explain the answer.

To assure oneself of a steady flow of income in the old age people save a part of their present earnings(salaries) and invest the same in provident funds etc. So also the risk of accidents of various kinds has increased greatly especially in urban areas nowadays. So people take out insurance policies for themselves and for their family members so that in the uncertain future if anything happens to them then their near and dear one's will get some financial help from the insurance companies. Else on maturity of the policy, the policy holder himself will get a lumpsum amount of money during his old age.But for getting this sum of money the individuals need to pay some annual premium money to the insurance companies. Only then do they get the lumpsum amount. If a person fails to pay the premium regularly then because of this default he does not get the lumpsum amount of money.

Similarly, coming back to spirituality and hinduism, we can say that the insurance company corresponds to Lord Krishna (the greatest insurer!!). He will definitely give us salvation or moksha (which corresponds to the lumsum amount a policy holder gets on maturity of his/her policy).But that carries a price tag to it. That price tag or premium is to chant his name as and when one can with bhakti or devotion. Just as a person allocates a part of his earnings to pay premium, He expects us to allocate some time towards chanting. See how merciful is Lord Krishna!! He is ever ready to give us something that is so precious!! He is ready to give us the ultimate thing!! i.e. salvation or moksha. And for that how little he is asking us to do!! "mere" chanting of his name as and when we can with devotion and a firm steadfast faith in Him. Is it not easy to do it? The important point being that he does not differentiate whether a person is rich or poor, whether he is a brahmin or a shudra etc etc. He never differentiates between persons on any such superfluous grounds! What great mercy of the almighty! In the example stated above of the insurance companies, it is to be noted that only those who are capable of parting with their savings now in the present can enjoy benefit in the future from the companies. But what about those people who cannot afford to part with their present savings because they earn just enough to feed themselves and their families? what will they do? but as far as chanting is concerned it is a thing which every human being can do!!

The correspondence is as under:
Krishna : Insurance Company
Bhakti/Devotion : Premium
Salvation/Moksha : Lumpsum on maturity

Got the point dear readers?So the conclusion or the moral of the story is this:In order that we remember Lord Krishna at the last moments we need to chant his name with utmost devotion and faith during our lifetime. We have to allot time to chant the name of Lord Krishna. And this is not at all a difficult thing to do. We have so much time everyday for chanting. Those persons who travel daily either by bus or by train can chant whilst travelling. These persons are generally the workoholic types who believe in the maxim 'work is worship'. For them work is more important than anything else in their life. Then, housewives can chant whilst doing their household duties, not to mention about retired people who are free almost the enitre day! they are the most fortunate ones who can devote maximum time to chant if they wish!

These are the finer areas where science has its limitations and where spirituality excels. This is the true wealth that our motherland India has, this wealth of spirituality. Unfortunately very few amongst us are aware of this precious wealth.It is an objective of our blog to make a sincere attempt to spread the messages that are stated in our scriptures so that the people in India and also the world across gain this knowledge and try their best to march on the path of salvation.

"An open challenge to anyone to prove that science has something of this kind through which it is possible for one to escape from the reactions of one's actions!"

......... to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,

In this posting we will explain the link between the spiritual version of the law and the shloka's from Srimad Bhagwad Gita that were explained in the last issue.
In the spiritual version of the law we gave the verse from Srimad Bhagvatham which said that:

1 Due to the karma only the jeevaathmaas are taking birth here.

2 So also, due to karma only the bodies of the jeevaathmaas are facing an end.
3 The happiness and sadness, fear and comfort; everything is just because of their karmas.

These verses correspond to the statement of the scientific law of motion

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction".

The verses stated in our last issue send the message that YES! there lies a way out of this repeated cycle of birth and death. There is something which is more important than any other materialistic thing; and that thing is salvation. The verses also state how to attain it!! Something which unfortunately science has not been able to explain till date!!

One can say that the verses from the Bhagvad Gita explain the method or procedure by which one can escape from the bonds of karma and its fruits i.e. from the bonds of action-reaction phenomena!! This seems very surprising to hear but it is possible and hinduism has stated the way to make it possible.These verses strongly wish to convey the message that irrespective of how a person may have led his life by performing either good or evil actions, if he manages to remember the Supreme One at the last moment of his life then he will not have to bear the fruits (good or evil) of the actions that he performed in that birth of his. He will not have to suffer by taking rebirth but he will attain salvation.

In connection with this there is an incident which occured ages ago in our country, India.

Once upon a time, in a village called Kanyagupjam, lived a good mannered poise man. He was following true rituals and maintained good conduct. Once he was ordered by his father to go to the forest and collect fruits, flowers, woods for burning etc. After collecting them, he was on his way back to the hermitage.

There he saw a distracting scene...A prostitute with a lusty look, charming eyes, was hugging and fondling over a tough muscled mighty man. Her dress was not fully covered. It was eye-catching for Ajamila.Seeing this just like any normal human being, under the control of lust, his mind become poisoned. He wanted to come out of that storming wave of distraction. He wanted to control his mind. Even though he knew that all this is temporary, diverting and will lead only to his ruin, he could not control his desire.He began to seek that woman; found her, and started living with her.

Days rolled. For the want of her, he left his wife, children and his parents too. He started spending his life with that charming girl. He had attained the age of 88 and had 10 children. He had named his last son as NARAYANA.

When his end approached he got scared. As he was much affectionate with his last son, he called his name NARAYANA loudly for his rescue during his last moments. His son was interested in his play. He never even heard his father's voice.

But the almighty is so merciful. He took pity at Ajamila. At his last breath, Ajamila had cried loudly NARAYANA. He had done so because his son's name was Narayana and he loved his son Narayana the most. He was not actually remembering the Lord, Shri Krishna. However the Lord immediately sent his messengers from Vishnuloka (the abode of Vishnu, the form of Shri Krishna who has the duty of maintaining the Universe) These messengers had an arguement with the messengers of Yama (the God of death) who had come to take Ajamila to Yamaloka (hell). The messengers from Vishnuloka told the messengers of Yama that Ajamila was entitled to go to Vishnuloka because he had uttered the name of the Lord during the last moments of his life. This conversation which was overheard by Ajamila transformed him completely. He meditated on the Lord for the remaining time of his life and attained salvation ultimately.

So dear readers! such is the mercy of the Lord. When he cares so much for a person who never even intended to remember the Lord, how much will he care us if we chant his name Krishna Krishna Krishna .... regularly? Just give it a thought!!

Surrender yourself at the feet of Lord Shri Krishna and make the most of this birth as a human being given to you by the almighty!!

Now a question may arise in the minds of all you readers that in order to remember Lord Krishna at the last moment of one's life what does one have to do?

For the answer wait till our next posting! Till then Radhekrishna!!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear readers,

The last posting was regarding the comparison between the scientific law of motion and its spiritual version. In the forthcoming articles we wish to establish the superiority of the spiritual version over the scientific version.

Hereunder are a few verses from Srimad Bhagwad Gita to support that cause.
yam yam vaapi smaranbHaavam thyajhathyanthe kalevaram
tham thamevaithi kauntheya sadhaa thadhbHaavabHaavitha

(Chapter-8, verse 6)

Remembering whatsoever thought one abandons the body at the end, to that alone he goes, O Arjuna, ever dwelling in the thought thereof.

Meaning: 'At the end', at the time of death, remembering whatsoever thought one abandons the body, to that alone one goes after death. The final thought arises only with reference to objects previously ruminated upon in one' thought.

In the history there is an example with regard to this. A royal sage by name Bharata was on his death bed.He thought of a deer during the last moments of his human birth. As a result of which he assumed the form of a deer in his next birth. We are not going into more details about this true incident as its just to support the shloka.

All this sounds like a fairy tale but hinduism does work like magic. It is beyond scientific reasoning!! There are certain such areas which are so very true but for which there is no scientific explanation available till date.

antHakaale cha maameva smaranmukthvaa kalevaram

yaH prayatHi sa madhbhavam yaathi naastHyatHra samSHayaha
(chapter-8 verse 5)

And he who, at the last moment, while leaving the body, departs, remembering Me alone, attains My being; of this, there is no doubt.

Meaning: He who, at the last moment while leaving the body, departs remembering me alone, attains My being; he attains My condition. In whatever way he meditates on Me, he attains that very form.In this verse the all-pervading Lord Krishna reveals the biggest secret; the path to
attain salvation; to Arjuna.

So it can be observed that if one wishes to avoid the repeated cycle of birth and death then the way out is to remember the supreme one Lord Krishna at the last moment of one's death.

maamupethya punarjanama dukhaalayamaSHaaSHvatham

naapnuvanthi mahaatHmaanaha samsidhim paramam gatHaha
(chapter-8 verse 15)

Having attained Me, great souls are never again subject to birth which is transient and the abode of sorrow.They have found the highest perfection.

Meaning: Having attained Me. they are not subject to rebirth, which leads to a condition that is transient and an abode of sorrow. These great souls i.e. persons of noble minds, worship and attain Me as the supreme object of attainment; because they possess knowledge of My essential nature as it really is; they are unable to maintain or sustain themselves without Me, as I am exceedingly dear to them. With their minds deeply attached to Me and completely dependent on Me, they reach Me as the supreme goal.

These verses are an important link to the spiritual version of the law that we have been speaking of in the last few issues. How? Wait till our next posting!!Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear readers,
In our last posting, we concluded with the spiritual version of the scientific law of motion. In this posting we present you a comparison between the scientific version and the spiritual version.

On one hand stands the scientific version that says:

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction".

This law speaks on a very material level and deals with phenomenon occuring in the nature. This can be known from the examples we studied about how a fish moves in water, how a bird flies in the sky, how a car moves on the road etc.This law provides us with knowledge that sharpens our intellect, improves our logic and way of thinking. It makes us intelligent 'apparently'.

On the other hand the spiritual version says:

Karmanaa jaayathe janthuhu karmaNaiva Vileeyathe

sukham dhukkham bHayam ksHemam KarmaNaiva abHipadhyathe

(Srimad Bagawatham - 10/1-24th chapter - 13th sloka)


1 Due to the karma only the jeevaathmaas are taking birth here.
2 So also, due to karma only the bodies of the jeevaathmaas are facing an end.
3 The happiness and sadness, fear and comfort; everything is just because of their karmas.

This version speaks on a much much subtler level and gives us knowledge which motivates us to perform our duties in a perfect way.It teaches us important lessons needed to lead a happy life.Lessons such as how to refine our karma's so that we maintain a steady state of mind and always remain happy; how should we remain away from qualities like anger, agitation, pride, greed, jealousy etc or how we should remain unaffected by the adverse effects of such qualities. Ultimately everything that happens in our life is directly linked to our karma's. So if we get this step right (i.e. of doing good karma's) then there wouldn't be any hassles in our lives at all !!

The explanation of this version is so simple that even a layman can easily apprehend it.
On the other hand the explanations given in the examples related to the scientific version require that one actually observes such natural phenomenon to understand what that law is saying. Merely by reading or hearing the explanation it is not possible for everyone to understand the law.

The scientific version has limited applicability upto the material level whereas the spiritual version scores because its applicablity is at all levels. Most importantly it paves the way to attain the ultimate goal i.e. salvation (moksha). Having attained the knowledge to attain this goal, one doesn't need any other knowledge for attaining any other goal.

That was the comparison between the two versions for you. In the next posting we continue with or discussions on this topic. Till then Radhekrishna!!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,


In our last posting we mentioned a shloka from Srimad Bhagvatham and we discussed about it a bit. We continue with our discussion in this posting.

The explanation of the second line which was:

"Due to karma only the bodies of the jeevaathmaas are facing an end."

This line says that when the purpose of a soul in a certain body is accomplished, it moves from that body to another body. The time of a souls departure from one body to another is decided by one and only one major factor which is nothing but 'the karma's which that body has performed'.Each living thing has been gifted with three things:body, mind and intellect by Lord Krishna. The development of the body,mind and intellect varies from one living thing to another. Animals,birds, plants,trees possess these three things to a very less extent; whereas human beings are fortunate enough to possess a much more developed body,mind and intellect.

The body,mind and intellect are the three subtle elements apart from the five sensory organs. So depending on how a person's body,mind and intellect work, that person performs various karma's. At a point of time when all the purposes for which the soul moved into that body are accomplished then the soul moves from that body in search of another body and the present body perishes.

Now coming to the third line:

The happiness and sadness, fear and comfort; everything is just because of their karmas.

This line has great relevance for we jeevaathmas. Of the three lines of this shloka this line is the most important one.

It says that the various feelings that one experiences like happiness, sadness, fear, comfort, ecstacy, embarassment, pain, grief, jealousy, pride, greediness...... and the list can go on and on; all these feelings are a direct result of our karma's only!!

Let us take some examples:

1. Doesn't one feel guilty when he does anything wrong? When a person intentionally cheats someone say in business, will his mind be at peace? No never! his conscience will always prick him.

2. Similarly, if you happen to save a small puppy which is unknowingly walking on the road and a vehicle is about to hit it, don't you feel that happiness, the ecstacy! The divine joy of having saved the life of a poor thing, of having helped a creature which can't express its feelings properly? Yes you would definitely do!

3. When one is in a hurry to reach a certain place and boards a running train but hurts himself, ouch! doesn't it pain? Yes it does!

4. When a person promises another person that he would meet the other person on a certain day at a certain time and fails to keep his promise, will he not feel embarassed? will he not feel sad? disappointed? Most definitely he will !!

So one can very easily conclude that the state of mind of a person is directly proportional to his karma's. If the karma's are good the state of mind will be good and vice versa.

This was the spiritual version of the scientific law of motion. In our next posting, we shall bring to you a comparison between the two versions. Till then do continuous chanting Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Science and hinduism


Dear Readers,
The last posting marked the beginning of the spiritual version of the scientific law of motion
"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction".

We began the spiritual version by defining what karma is and how it affects a person's life in both ways; favourably and adversely. So a person must watch out, think twice, over and again before doing any act because as he sows, so is he going to reap.

The knowledge about 'karma' is given by Lord Shri Krishna in the following verse:

Karmanaa jaayathe janthuhu karmaNaiva Vileeyathe

sukham dhukkham bHayam ksHemam KarmaNaiva abHipadhyathe

(Srimad Bagawatham - 10/1-24th chapter - 13th sloka)

this sloka was told by Bhagawan Shri Krishna to Shri Nandhababa

The meaning of this shloka is as under:

1 Due to the karma only the jeevaathmaas are taking birth here.

2 So also, due to karma only the bodies of the jeevaathmaas are facing an end.

3 The happiness and sadness, fear and comfort; everything is just because of their karmas.

Now let us probe a little bit into the literal explanation of this shloka:

One interpretion of the first line can be that:

depending on the karmas of a jeevaathma in a particular birth, the next birth of that jeevaathma is decided.

e.g: If a person commits several sins in his present birth like cheating others, causing injury to others, dacoity,murder etc he may get degraded from a human being in the present birth to an animal in the next birth or perhaps a human being only but he may be born blind,deaf,handicapped etc.

On the other hand if a person commits good karmas in the present birth then he gets elevated to a better position in his next birth. It could be that he could be enjoy the company of people who are on the path of self-realisation (moksha) and could be born in a well-off family (material prosperity) etc.

So in which of the above mentioned categories would you want to be? Think!

.....to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Monday, June 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,

In our last posting we elaborated the scientific law of motion
"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction", with many examples.
In this posting we take you to the other version of this law, yes you guessed it rightly, the spiritual version. But let us just quickly and very briefly have a repeat of the last two postings.

Every action has an equal reaction and in the opposite direction. Force is the reason of action and reaction. If A exerts force on B in direction d1 then B will exert an equal amount of force on A in the opposite direction say d2.

Now without further analysis, we proceed with the spiritual version:

To begin it, we first tell you something about 'Karma'. It refers to any activity performed either with or without the expectation of getting some fruit. In the scriptures, it is said that according to one's karma's one reaps the fruits.In a layman's language, the word 'karma' directly corresponds to the word 'deeds' or the word 'actions'. So according to the actions performed by one, one reaps the fruit.

Good actions bear good fruits whilst evil actions bear evil fruits.

Like for example if one gives charity to the poor and needy people, one is sure to
be helped when one is in need of something.

On the contrary if one performs evil deeds one will have to face the adverse
consequences of the same.

Let us take its example also. If one cheats someone or causes injury to someone intentionally then one will suffer similar kind of fruit i.e such a person will also get cheated or he will be injured.

This was the corresponding explanation of the scientific law in a spiritual sense.
We will continue with our explanation in our next posting.

Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,

We began with a new topic last time which was the law of motion. It dealt with
action-reaction phenomenon.The cause of this phenomenon is force.A force is a push or a pull upon an object which results from its interaction with another object. Forces result from
interactions. Some forces result from contact interactions (normal, frictional, tensional, and applied forces are examples of contact forces) and other forces are the result of action-at-a-distance interactions (gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces). In every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. The direction of the force on the first object is
opposite to the direction of the force on the second object. Forces always come
in pairs - equal and opposite action-reaction force pairs.

Continuing with our examples to explain this law,

Consider the propulsion of a fish through the water. A fish uses its fins to push water backwards. But a push on the water will only serve to accelerate the water. In turn, the water reacts by pushing the fish forwards, propelling the fish through the water. The size of the force on the water equals the size of the force on the fish; the direction of the force on the water (backwards) is opposite the direction of the force on the fish (forwards). For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction force. Action-reaction force pairs make it possible for fish to swim.

Consider the flying motion of birds. A bird flies by use of its wings. The wings of a bird push air downwards. In turn, the air reacts by pushing the bird upwards. The size of the force on the air equals the size of the force on the bird; the direction of the force on the air (downwards) is opposite the direction of the force on the bird (upwards). For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction. Action-reaction force pairs make it possible for birds to fly.

Consider the motion of a car on the way to school. A car is equipped with wheels which spin backwards. As the wheels spin backwards, they grip the road and push the road backwards. In turn, the road reacts by pushing the wheels forward. The size of the force on the road equals the size of the force on the wheels (or car); the direction of the force on the road (backwards) is opposite the direction of the force on the wheels (forwards). For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction. Action-reaction force pairs make it possible for cars to move along a roadway surface.

We hope that the scientific version of this law is now clear. We will continue with our discussions on this law in our next posting. Till then do continuous chanting

Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe

Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,
In our last posting we gave you a comparison of the scientific law of conservation of energy and its 'spiritual version' having its base in 'Srimad Bhagwad Gita'. We said we would continue our discussions on that topic in our next posting.

However we are diverting our discussion to a different law in this posting.

In this posting we will discuss on a different scientific statement and link it with hinduism.

It goes as follows :

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction".

This statement is the third law of motion, established by 'Issac Newton'.

We will take an example for a better understanding.

Imagine a boy kicking open a door. The force exerted by the boy on the door accelerates the
door (it flies open); at the same time, the door exerts an equal but opposite force on the boy, which decelerates the boy (his foot loses forward velocity).The boy will be painfully aware of the 'reaction' force to his 'action' particularly if his foot is bare.

Let F stand for force,

FBD for force exerted by the boy on the door and
FDB for force exerted by the door on the boy.

Then according to this law,


i.e the force exerted by the boy on the door equals the force exerted by the door on the boy.
However since there is a negative sign before FDB it means that the force exerted by the
door on the boy is in a direction opposite to the direction in which the boy is exerting force on
the door.

We will continue with more examples on this law in our next posting. Till then Radhekrishna.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear readers,

In our last posting we explained to you all the spiritual version of the law of conservation of energy. In this posting we bring you a comparison between what science says and what hinduism says.

* Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

The self can neither be created nor destroyed.

The word ENERGY in the law corresponds to the word ATMAN or SELF in SRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA.

* Energy can be converted from one form to another.

The self moves from one body to another.

The conversion of energy from one form to another corresponds with the ATMAN or SELF moving from one body to another. When a person dies i.e to say his body perishes, the soul moves in search of another body.Thus body is temporary but soul is permanent.In the same
way different forms of energy are temporary but the energy is the same.

* The total amount of energy in the universe always remains constant.

The Paramatma or the Supersoul is always constant.

The concept of totality of energy corresponds to the Paramatma or Supersoul i.e Lord Krishna.
Just as the Supersoul remains constant, in the same way the total quantum of energy in the universe remains constant.

* Energy and its forms are different from each other.

Atman and the bodies in which it resides are different from each other.

Forms of energy are different from each other.This corresponds to the difference between the bodies in which atman resides.

Now after reading this explanation do tell, is the Bhagwad Gita or for that matter Hinduism,
outdated? Only a moron would say such a thing even after reading all the above explanation.

We will continue with our postings related to linking this law with hinduism in our next posting.
Till then do continuous chanting, Radhekrishna.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,
In our last topic we said we would tell you the sprirtual version of the scientific law.
Did you all know that this law has its source in one of the most famous scriptures of Hinduism,
Srimad Bhagwad Gita?

Alright then this is how it goes...

In the second chapter of Srimad Bhagwad Gita, The Supreme One; Lord Krishna reveals the 'shaastra' regarding the 'self' or 'atman' or 'soul' to Arjuna who, seeing his Guru's and cousin brothers on the battlefield feels that he must not fight with them.His natural courage gets lost due to love and compassion in a misplaced situation. Hethinks war to be unrighteous even though it was the highest duty for warriors (Kshatriyas).So he takes refuge in Sri Krishna to know what his right duty was. Sri Krishna thinking that Arjuna's delusion would not come to an end except by the knowledge of the real nature of the self, atman or soul explains to Arjuna:

Chp 2 verse 20 :

Na jaayathe mriyathe vaa kadhaachhinnaayam bhoothvaa bhavithaa vaa na bhooya:

AjO nithya: shaasHvathO(a)yam puraaNO na hanyathE hanyamaanE SHareere

Explanation : It (the self) is never born; it never dies; having come into being once, It never
ceases to be. Unborn, eternal, abiding and primeval, It is not slain when the body is slain.

Chp 2 verse 22 :

Vaasaamsi jeerNaani yatHa vihaaya navaani gruhNaathi Naro(a)paraaNi

TatHaa sHareeraaNi vihaaya jeerNaanyanyaani samyaathi navaani dhehee

Explanation : As a man casts off worn-out garments and puts on others that are new,so does the embodied self cast off Its worn out bodies and enters into others that are new.

Chp 2 verse 23 :

Nainam cHindhanthi sHastraaNi nainam dhahathi paavaka:

Na chainam klEdhayanthyaapO na sHoshayathi maarutha:

Explanation : Weapons donot cleave It (the self), fire does not burn It,waters donot wet It, and the wind does not dry It.

Chp 2 verse 24 :

AchcHedhyo(a)yamadhaahyo(a)yamakledhyo(a)sHoshya Eva cha

Nithya: sarvaghatha: stHaanurachalo(a)yam sanaathana:

Explanation : It cannot be cleft; It cannot be burnt; It cannot be wetted and It cannot be dried. It is eternal, all-pervading, stable, immovable and primeval.

Thus it can be concluded by us that "no weapon, not even a nuclear bomb can destroy the Self !!".

From the above four shlokas Krishna explains to Arjuna that the Self is never born and it
never dies. It moves from one body to another. It is indestructible, ever existing.

Atman does not manifest itself directly; just like energy. It manifests itself in various forms.
Atman is present in Arjuna as well as in Duryodhana i.e in righteous people as well as evil
minded people. The things that change are the body, mind and intellect within which the
Atman is embodied"APPARENTLY".

The word 'apparently' is a keyword here. One feels that atman is embodied within the framework of the subtle elements body, mind and intellect ; and also within the five senses.The quality of a persons soul is measured by the actions performed by him on being stimulated by his body, mind and intellect and the five senses.

Thus if a person steals something people say 'this person is fradulent'.If one person causes
injury to another person people will say 'this person has a ruthless soul'.If a person helps an
animal or bird people say 'This person has a caring soul'. The soul is hence directly related
to the senses and subtle elements by people. If actions performed by using the senses and
subtle elements are righteous then the soul is praised and vice versa.

However in reality atman is never tainted or affected by the senses or the subtle elements. It
only appears as if the Atman is imprisoned in the body.

So readers this was the spiritual version of the scientific law. Now you know both the versions, however you have read both the versions seperately. So in our next posting we'll bring you a comparison of the two versions so that you will have a clear idea.

Till then do continuous chanting

Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe

Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Science and Hinduism

Dear readers,

In our last posting we began with an altogether new topic -

'Nexus between science and hinduism.'

The objective behind this topic is to state affirmatively that the findings of modern day science have their roots in the ever existing hinduism.

To begin with; we trace the source of a scientific law to a few shloka's from the


In this posting we discuss about the statement:'Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be converted from one form to another.The total amount of energy in the universe always remains constant'.

This is the law of conservation of energy which students have to study in the ninth standard in their schools.

It says that energy is always present. No one can create it. Also, it is indestructible.It can be used; by conversion from one form to another to perform various operations.

E.g : potential energy of water stored at a height can be converted to kinetic energy by allowing it to fall from that height on turbines.This kinetic energy can be further transformed into electrical energy because the water falls on the large turbines and makes them to rotate and thereby activates the electrical generators.The electrical energy so created can be then used to run anything like a computer in a house, railway engines, machines in factories etc.Again when electricity is used to run a computer, electrical energy is converted to sound and light energy.

Another fact which is not covered by the above mentioned law is that energy cannot
be seen directly.It can be seen, heard and felt through its various forms.

For E.g : energy can be seen when tubelight is switched on; in the form of light, energy can be
heard when a bomb explodes; in the form of sound,energy can be felt when a windmill is started; in the form of wind,energy can be felt when a geyser is switched on; in the form of heat.See how interesting energy is.Some FORMS of it can be seen, some heard, some

Thus we can see energy through all these forms and not directly.So when a person
asks what is energy and he is shown a tubelight which emits light on turning a switch 'ON'
and is told; the thing that causes the light to be emitted; THAT IS ENERGY. However
the person might feel that oho! 'LIGHT MEANS ENERGY!!'. He is not wrong. Light is a
form of energy. But he is not right either; because energy is a concept much much
broader than just 'Light'. So observe that it is very difficult to explain what energy
actually is.

This was about the scientific explanation. Now we take you all to an altogether different
world.But not now, wait till our next posting when we come up with the spiritual version of this scientific law!!

Till then do continuous chanting Radhekrishna!!!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Nexus between science and hinduism


Dear Readers,
In our last posting we started a new topic,
We concluded the posting by saying that there is something that overcomes the limitations of science.

Many people feel that "that something" is a religion when in fact it isn't.That something is 'HINDUISM'.So many people have got this misconception that Hinduism is just like any other religion,but dear readers it is not true.

For that matter can anyone answer the question"when did hinduism originate?"

Great spiritual teachers like Shankaracharya, Madhavacharya, Swami Ramanujar have been preaching people.While preaching they have said 'whatever has been taught to you is
a part of hinduism'.So even these great spiritual preachers have not known the origin of hinduism; leave alone you or me!!

Hinduism is the perfect way to lead a life full of happiness through realisation of Lord Krishna.

Hinduism includes scriptures like the 4 vedas viz Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda, the Upanishads, Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Srimad Bhagwatam and many other
scriptures.All these scriptures have originated from the Supreme Personality of Godhead,

Shri Krishna.

All the existing religions till date are merely subsets of the universal set known as hinduism.
Everything that is taught by all the other religions can be traced into hinduism. So its not an exaggeration to say that if streams, ponds, lakes, rivers are part of the ocean then all the other religions correspond to the streams, lakes, ponds and rivers while hinduism corresponds to the ocean; i.e its the ever existing source or the 'nucleus'.

To summarise:

* Hinduism is not a religion.
* Hinduism has neither a beginning nor and end.
* Hinduism is absolute.
* Hinduism has answers to all questions.
* Hinduism goes beyond the reach of science and overcomes the limitations of science.

In this blog we will try to explain to you all, how there exists a nexus between science and hinduism.But for that you all will have to do a small favour.Dont be confused....We are just asking you to wait for 15 days! Till our next posting on 22nd march do continuous chanting

Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe
Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe Radhekrishna Krishnaradhe

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nexus between science and hinduism


Dear readers,
We kept you guessing last time when we said we will come up with a new, fresh, interesting topic with our next blog posting.So lets not keep you all waiting any longer.


Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the
relationships among those facts.There are various sciences like physical sciences(astronomy, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics), life sciences (anatomy, physiology, genetics, medicine), social science ( anthropology, economics, politics, psychology, sociology).

The scientific process revolves around:
1 observing nature
2 classifying data
3 using logic
4 conducting experiments
5 forming a hypothesis
6 expressing findings

Nowadays people have started developing a feeling that science is everything.They feel that for each and every phenomenon that occurs, there is a scientific reason for that pheomenon.They feel that science is absolute and that through science any question can be answered.Further many people have also formed firm opinions in their minds that tradition, religion and spirituality have little or no value in the present day world.They feel that these things are outdated.

Ignorant are such people because they fail to understand that science has a beginning.

The origin of science can be traced to the time when man discovered fire.He started rubbing stones against each other to generate fire.Then came the discovery of the wheel and thus began the development of science.

But such people should note that whatever has a beginning has an end.

"Even science has many many limitations."
If the above statement were not true then a challenge to anyone to answer one simple question : Can science prevent death of a living thing?
The answer has to be No! Apart from the above question there are so many questions that science has not been able to answer, like how to prevent earthquakes and tsuanmi's, how to prevent and cure certain diseases.So those people who think that 'science is everything', please think again......

To summarise:
* science has a beginning and an end
* science has several limitations
* science cannot answer all questions
* science is not absolute

Coming to the basic purpose of writing on this topic,

there exists something that helps overcome the limitations of science,there exists something that goes beyond science,there exists something that has no beginning and no end,there exists something that answers all questions!!! What is that something? You would ask!

For the answer, wait till 7th March when we come up with our next posting. A broad hint on what that something is..... no no then it becomes very easy to guess.... radhekrishna!!
keep thinking!!

Saravam Guruvarpanam

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Guru Parampara Prabhavam


Dear Readers,
In our last posting we started with the topic 'Guru Paramapara Prabhavam'
and we left you with a question that why our Gurujiamma has selected Krishna Namam?
So as promised here we are with the answer to that question.

The answer lies in Srimad Bhagwatam and Bhagwat Gita-the former written by the great sage vyasa and the latter uttered by Bhagwan SriKrishna himself to Arjuna in the battlefield amidst the assembled soldiers of both sides roaring to go in war at any time and also in the tenets of Vaishnava philosophy.

The incarnation of Lord Krishna in Dwaparayugam is considered bythe learned sages of yore as "Paripoorna Avataram".Whereas Sri Rama Avataram in Tretha yugam is considered as 'Poorna Avataram'

Without going much into details of it,it is sufficient to know that-

1) Sri Krishna Avataram is a Poorna Avataram.
2) This is the latest in ages.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna right from the day of his birth(Avataram)and even before that(informing Vasudeva and Devaki in their dream that He is going to be born in Devaki's womb as per the earlier commitments by Lord to his devotee) till he breathed his last on the accomplishments of his mission of protecting the Good and destroying the evil and establishing Dharma in the world, has shown himself that he is not the ordinary mortal but veritably the Lord Himself born in the form of a yadava to kill kamsa and to free his parents and grandfather from jail.Throughout his life span he not only acted as a normal human being but wherever the occasion demanded he has not hesitated even fora moment to assume the required form of Lord Krishna and destroyed the evil forces or helped his devotees in that form.Such is the multi-faceted manifestation of Sri Krishna.Are you wonderstruck of his action?

On the contrary Sri Rama always tried and faithfully followed the'Manushya Dharma'-The Dharma ordained for the mortals and throughout his life he considered himself as the mortal son of Dasharatha by name 'Rama',born to fulfil certain obligations of Kshtriya kings.So there is a veritable difference in the approach to each and everything by Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as fully described in Srimath Ramayanam and Srimath Bhagwatham and MahaBhagwatham.

Suffice to say that 'Sri Krishna' is much more suitable to the present day world with all its tamifications which in more ways than one is similar to the period of Lord Krishna.Further in the Bhagwatham it is stressed that:

1) In Kaliyuga 'naamsankeertanam' of Bhagawan's name is the only way to uplift oneself and it is more than equal to tapas,homam and yagnyam performed by people of kritha,tretha,dwapara yugas.

2) In Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna states that the distressed, he who derives wealth and the man of knowledge worships Him.All those forms are great but He deems the man of knowledge to be of His very self.

Vasudeva is all(Vasudeva Sarvamithi).So men of knowledge find refuge in Him.But this kind of knowledge comes at the end of many births.If any devotee seeks to worship with faith in any form He makes that very faith steadfast(in that form alone).Now you can take refuge under this that Sri Krishna Namajapam form of worship as enuciated by Poojya Shri Shri Amma is similar to this. The worshippers of different Gods will go to those Gods.But His(Sri Krishna's) devotees will come to Him(Sri Krishna).To know the real Supremacy of Sri Krishna this statement is to be read with utmost faith."Not knowing His nature as Supreme Lord of all beings,fools disregard the dwelling in a human form.Sri Krishna has been the cowherd as well as the king.He is the rites ordained in the Vedas,the rituals taught by the scriptures,the ancestral offering and herb,the holy syllable "OM".

Without going into too many proofs we can rest our faith in the emphatic statement of Lord Krishna in sloka 34 chapter 9th theyoga of royal science and royal mystery."Fix your mind on Me,be My devotee,worship me,bow down to me.Having thus controlled yourself and regarding me as your Supreme goal,you shall come to me."The very same words are spoken and ordained by Poojya Shri Shri Amma to be followed by all who approach her for guidance and blessings.So dear readers of this article,simply follow Poojya Shri Shri Amma's command and uplift yourself leading to the ultimate communion with Lord Krishna.


Our next posting will be on a fresh, new and a very interesting topic and that topic is ........
no not now.....wait till our next posting on 22nd feb 2005

Friday, January 21, 2005



Dear Readers,
In our last posting we concluded the topic BHAGHAWAT
GUNANUBHAVANGAL in which we made an attempt to describe the qualities
of Lord Krishna The Supreme Personality. And we told you about our next topic so without further keeping you all guessing here it goes...



The hierarchy of Sri Vaishnava Guru Parampara starts from Lakshminathan-The Supreme Lord Sriman Lakshminarayan-The first acharya of Vaishnavism-starting from vedakalam;the time of vedas.In kaliyuga in the living memory it starts from Sri NATHA MUNIGAL/SRI YAMUNAI THURAIVAR (ALAVANDAR) SRI RAMANUJAR and his 72 disciples(72 Simhasanathipathis), Sri MANAVALAMAMUNIGAL and his 8 disciples,THOOPUL SRI VEDANTHA DESIKAR and his disciples and so on and finally resting on the present individual Acharya.(Asmathacharya Paryandham)The great Ramanuja 1017AD a thousand years before has established the "VAISHNAVA SIDDHANTA" for the benefit of the people of this age and propogated it through his disciples and by himself throughout the lengths and breadths of India and earned the name of 'Sri Vaishnava Darsana Pravarthagal' - one who made the tenets of Sri Vaishnavism acceptable to all and made all of them to be the devotees Bhagwan Srimann Narayan. Even today the sishya parampara are keeping the Sri Vaishnava Doctrines intact and propogating to "the seekers of Bhagwat Anugraham".

The uniqueness of Sri Ramanuja's Achrayathvam lies in the fact that he made no discrimination between high caste born and the low caste born or other inequalities arising out of birth, wealth, upbringing etc. but gave importance only to the devotion of the bhaktas to the Supreme Lord Srimann Narayan and the unreserved acceptance of the philosophy of Vaishnavism and its propogation. He made known the secret and sacred "Ashtakshara Mantra" of Sriamann Narayana from the roof top of Tirukoshtiyur temple to all the assembled people and earned the wrath of his Guru 'Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal' - When confronted by his Guru why he has done this sinful act the great Ramanuja replied "by this sinful act if I go to hell it does not matter - but by hearing the Ashtakshara Mantra those who have heard
and recited that will go to heaven (Vaikuntham) which is much more profitable than the one individual's sufferings." Such is the unsurpassed compassion for the oppressed and the down trodden shown by the great Sri Ramanujacharya. He was the first Guru whose lineage are still today upholding his ideals to the extent possible in the present day world of the 21st century.

Reverting to my Acharya PoojyaShri Shri Amma of Radhekrishna satsangam
to follow......Poojya Shri Shri Amma of Radhekrishna sathsangam is my Guru, Guide, Philosopher. My Guru is nearest to my heart and soul and nearest to my dwelling place also.When you surrender unto my Guru's feet you are sure of your sufferings coming to an end - not necessarily at once- in fact such expectations are not in consonance with the natural way of proceedings of men and matters. Everything has a time to happen and will happen only at that time howsoever you try to advance it. Time and tide wait for no man. This is true for all times -so man only has to wait for the time to happen anything good or bad. PoojyaShri Shri Amma can only guide you how to approach the effects of time to be advantageous to you - my Guru's advice always will be to place everything under the lotus feet of Sri Lord Krishna - Sri Radhekrishna to be precise and invoke His blessings by constantly chanting the all powerful sure result oriented Nama
RADHEKRISHNA KRISHNARADHE, RADHEKRISHNA KRISHNARADHE - the ultimate Phaladatha - Giver of fruits of your work , actions. My Guru's liberality, nobility, generosity is unparallel. Knowing fully well that the seeker is not firm in his commitment yet by the generosity inherently within makes my Guru to offer/try once more with prayers to
Lord Radhekrishna for the success of the seekers effort. My Guru's Saulabhyam - easy accessability is to be believed - at all reasonable times you can approach my Guru with any of your problems.My Guru will patiently hear all your problems/sufferings and give worldly wise advice besides asking you to recite "KRISHNANAMAJAPAM" so that your actions will be fruitful.

When you sit under the benign Thiruvadi(foot) you feel the grace of the Guru even though not a word is uttered except 'Radhekrishna' by way of admitting you inside to be nearer-both physically and mentally-to the Guru.You may start talking or you may sit in silence-when you are silently sitting under the feet of Guru after some pause,Guru will suddenly speak to you-not direct but to the void space as if addressing the OMNIPRESENT of your problems-you will be surprised to hear the utterances of Guru somehow directly related to your problems about which you want to open your heart to the Guru and seek redressal.Mind reading-not a bad idea to attribute it to the Guru.-because my Guru is the representative of the OMNIPRESENT.No wonder that your problems are discussed without your telling them.My Guru's constant matter of fact statement is chant plenty of Nama-Namajapam Naraiya Chollungal-My Guru by virtue of the position occupied can command you but will not-It is a soothing talk.One will always have to say-yes I will.Whether you are actually doing the Namajapam or not is a different matter.If you do,the beneficiary is you.If you donot do,ultimate loser is you and you alone.

My Guru is unaffected by both the propositions.My Guru'sadvice is for your upliftment.So it is upto you to act.My Guru's suggested remedy need not necessarily be acceptable or likeable to you.This is not a concern to the Guru.Bitter pills are given to the
child for early complete cure.So also what kind of pills-sweet, bitter,hard to digest etc is required is determined based on the required remedy.So one has to understand things in its proper perspective.

You may wonder why of all the lords names,the Krishna namam is selected for all the remedy,upliftment,enjoyment of reasonable wordly pleasure and deriving of reasonable worldly benefitsby my Guru?

To know the answer wait for our next blog posting on 7th February. Until then Radhekrishna.....

Sarvam Guruvarpanam


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