Sunday, October 21, 2007

Linking sounds with Science and Hinduism



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We began a discussion on sounds in the previous article. Let us continue from where we left the discussion.

The ultrasonic wave has a destructive tendency. However, it can be modified. When the wave is modified, it can be used to cure diseases. But, then when not modified, the same ultrasonic wave turns out to be fatal to human life. The physical and mental shock produced by such sounds, directly impairs the ears.

There is a term for this science. It's called as Auriculotherapy – it is a new form of science, wherein the patient is given, pressure and puncture in specific points. The ear has acupressure points, which are connected to all the parts of the body. The entire body is symbolically represented as a child which is lying in the womb. The appearance of a baby in a womb represents a form of ear. Accordingly, the acupressure points are present in the ear.

This means, the entire body has specific connection points in the ear. Hence when the ear receives ultrasonic sounds of high frequency, this will impair it. Simultaneously, the acupressure point in the ear transforms this excess energy to other parts of the body which are connected to the ear. As a result, the connected body parts get severe physical and mental shock. The shocks can be fatal enough to cause a person's death immediately.

When a person is the victim of such an ultrasonic sound of high frequency, his ears get impaired and consequently the connected body parts are also adversely affected. The layman does not understand this phenomenon, and feels that the sound must have been made by a ghost and because of that sound the person's blood got frozen and the person died immediately.

The term used for this phenomenon by the layman is AMANUSHYAM – beyond human powers – namely OCCULT Science. Because the layman is ignorant of the scientific reason behind such a phenomenon, he feels that some ghost / occult power is the cause of such phenomenon.

We conclude our discussion on this topic here. We will begin with a new topic in the next article. We sincerely request our readers to post their feedbacks without fail. Your feedback is very important to us. Do send us your views.

Do lots of chanting. Radhekrishna

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Linking sounds with Science and Hinduism



Dear Readers,

We discussed the significance of the traditions that form a part and parcel of the function of thread ceremony amongst Hindus in the previous article.

It's commonly observed nowadays that people are more fascinated and curious to learn about the latest and emerging topics. They always want something new to know, something new to read, something new to discuss, something new to eat etc etc.

People speak about the glory of acupressure and acupuncture nowadays!
The same intelligent souls, who criticize the wearing of the KANGHANAM, nose rings, ear rings etc, pierce their body and paint their body with westernized tattoos! It is such a pity!!

Such people please bear in mind. Nothing, in Hinduism is without reasoning. Also, there is nothing good that exists today but is outside the scope of Hinduism.

In this article, let's discuss a bit on sounds. We hear so many sounds in our day to day life. Right from the alarm sound that wakes us up in the morning / door bell that is rung by the 'doodhwallas' in metros, to the honking of the vehicles on the roads, to the chit chatting of the people in trains and buses and one can go on and on and the list is simply endless.

The above mentioned sounds have one thing in common. All of them are audible to the human ear. Further they are not an exhaustive list. There exist sounds which cannot be heard by the human beings. The human ear has a limited capacity to hear sounds which happen within a certain range of measurement. Some sounds are heard by certain animals like elephants, bats etc but not by us. One of the sound which is beyond the hearing capacity of human ears is the ultrasonic wave.

It's said that everything has twin sides. For example: A knife is used by a robber to commit theft and it's also used by a surgeon to perform a surgery.

The knife is a common factor in both the cases but its use is very different. The first is a constructive use and the second a destructive use. The first accrues good and the other, sin.

The above mentioned ultrasonic waves also have two sides.

  • What are the two sides?
  • What is this concept of ultrasonic waves scientifically called?
Till then keep on chanting

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

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