Thursday, March 22, 2007

Electromagnetism, Acupressure and Hinduism



Dear Readers,

So you all must be eager to know that how can a human being store the electromagnetic energy gained by him through meditation?

This process is described as below. All of you must be knowing how a battery works through the negative and positive terminals. So in a similar manner, this process also works. Read on to know about the same.

In meditation, a MUDHRA (Symbolism) CALLED CHINMUDHRA IS MUCH PRONOUNCED. Here a circle is formed by folding the index finger and the thumb.

The index finger represents the negative terminal and the thumb represents the positive terminal.This means the battery (our body current) is charged through the positive and negative terminal.

In Acupressure, the tip of each finger represents the ENERGY POINT. (Applicable to index finger also). The thumb represents the MENTAL NERVES. The bottom side of the thumb represents the backbone and the spinal chord along with the neck.

In meditation, the spine should be erect. The CHINMUDHRA, representing a closed circuit of battery, passes the power of meditation, in the form of electric impulses in to the body. The spinal chord conducts the nerve impulses and controls the motor nerves, which are the carrier of electric signals in to the body. Now, the Acupressure points, namely the TIP OF INDEX FINGER and the TIP OF THUMB, automatically redirects the stored energy of meditation in to the body. (Note, the right hand is kept in CHIN MUDHRA.)


In the left hand, one more MUDHRA IS CREATED by stretching the thumb, index finger, little finger. (Remaining 2 fingers are folded.). This MUDHRA almost resembles the FLEMING’S RULE.

Thus our body turns out to be an electromagnet.

The energy is stored in the body through the CHIN MUDHRA IN THE RIGHT HAND.

The body is made as an electro magnet without appropriate orientation (direction) through the above mentioned MUDHRA, in the LEFT HAND.

Thus the electricity starts flowing. In the feet, the toes represents the positive terminal and the finger next to it, represents the negative terminal. A closed circuit of battery (body current) is created in the body. Through this circuit, the body current will drain out to earth. To avoid it, a PADHARAKSHAI (Wooden Slipper) is kept in the feet. This wood will break the circuit. Hence the energy will not be drained out.

We will discuss about this in our next article. Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Monday, March 05, 2007

Electromagnet and Hinduism



Dear Readers,

We explained you a few things related to electromagnetism in the previous article. In this article let's see how its possible to establish a link of those things with Hinduism.

Till now we have been considering the electro magnetic powers possessed by non–living things or objects.
But dear readers, is it known to you all, that even living things possess the electromagnetic powers? How does one acquire the power? Read on to know it.

Yes its true! The human body is a great electromagnet! Also, the earth is a great electromagnet!

The energy released by the actions of people, which may be positive or negative, releases an electric impulse in to the cosmos. Energy is released by us through each and every action that we perform. When we talk to people, energy is released, when we quarrel with anyone energy is released, when we take out frustration on something or someone energy is released etc. This energy is termed as positive or negative on the basis of the action, in each case. These electric impulses collectively form an electric field and enter the earth.

When the electricity passes through the earth, the earth acquires a magnetic filed around it. (By Flemings Rule – Electricity will create a magnetic field around the conducting medium. Refer our previous article for Flemings Rule.)

This magnetic field acts, in the north south direction. Thus earth is a great electromagnet.

Also there are millions and millions of people. So, the electricity stored will be millions and millions of electron volts in their bodies.

Consider this example to understand how electromagnetic powers are there in human beings.
A RISHI (sage) in meditation:
An Iron rod kept near the magnet acquires magnetic power. But, at the loss of the magnet, the iron loses the magnetic power once again.
The same thing happens here. The earth acts as the magnet. The RISHI acts as an iron piece. The RISHI acquires the magnetic power from the earth through meditation. When he becomes thoroughly magnetized by the power of earth, he acquires the immense power of millions and millions of electron volts. This means, he is all powerful – like earth.

But then, as per electromagnet theory, when this electricity passage is stopped, then automatically, the magnetic power also gets lost. (If you can recollect the example of an electric bell mentioned in the previous article.) So, this means the electricity from the earth should pass through the body continuously. The energy gathered from the earth should not be drained out. Yes! That’s the main and most important point. The energy attained by a person should not get drained away.

There are techniques which the Rishi's or sages of ancient India knew to prevent such energy from draining out of their body. What are those techniques? Eager to know? Wait till our next posting to know about the same.

Till then Radhekrishna.
Wishing all our readers a belated Happy Holi!
Enjoy this Holi in a unique way by chanting the name of Radhekrishna and enjoy the eternal bliss.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.


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