Monday, March 20, 2006

The importance of dark coloured idols


Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna!!! All those who feel that religion is outdated, superstitious, not backed by logical reasoning, please think again. It cannot happen that people keep following certain set of princilples, practises, rules, regulations, methods in leading their lifes for generations together!! please give this a thought. The next time you are told to drink milk mixed with turmeric or told to get tulsi leaves, please make it a point to atleast ask why it is to be done before refusing to do the same. These traditional methods are very effective for curing illnesses. You all will come to know about this knowledge only if you ask your elders about it. These methods are much more effective than the green, red, blue n yellow pills given by doctors. Radhekrishna! And all these are a part of the 'traditional' and 'ever existing' science known as 'HINDUISM'

In the last article our focus was on why the idols should be dark i.e. black in colour. We explained the scientifc reasoning related to the architecture of the hindu temples and the theory of light waves, colours and their properties. In this article we will tell you the spiritual part of performing rituals in the temple.

The idols are kept in dark room. The room inside the temple where the idol is being kept is called as GARBHA GRUHAM. Usually this place will be very narrow. It will have space for only one person. The place remains usually dark. In the GARBHA GRUHAM, on the roof one can see a pyramid shaped erection. This means the idol is kept inside the pyramid. According to science, any object that is kept within the pyramid will have high reverberating and resonating power. Now the idol is kept within the pyramid. So it will have high reflecting powers.

All of us today, use cell phones. They have become the latest 'craze' of the youngsters. The youngsters are wasting a lot of their valuable time in chatting with their friends using the cell phone and sending sms's. These things they will easily do even though they donot know the scientific part as to how the cell phones work. Here not a single youngster will say no! I want to know how a cell phone works! before he actually starts using a cell phone. The moment he gets the phone, he'll start using it! Then why the partiality in following traditional principles without objecting?

Anyways coming back,

The signals from the cell phones are transmitted in cosmos. We use receiving towers to receive the signals. The light radiations reverberate in the cosmos. The light radiations of all the 7 colours of VIBGYOR flows continuously in the cosmos.

The temples that are designed as per the vedic terms behave as towers in receiving these light radiations. The idols are kept in dark. The idols are made in black colour to symbolize darkness. Through the pyramid shaped erection, the light radiations of VIBGYOR enter the idol. The idol fully absorbs the light radiations of VIBGYOR. It reflects nothing. So it remains black in colour. It means the idols are filled with full of positive light radiations of VIBGYOR.

Each light radiation has a unique relevance towards healing of our bodily ailments (diseaes). The idols kept inside the pyramid, absorbs all the positive radiations. As it is kept inside the pyramid, it has high amount of reverberating and resonating power. The black idols are vibrant (full of energy) and they unanimously announce their supremacy over other colours.

Now upto this stage, a source of all positive radiations is described as temple. The temple and the pyramid shaped erection receives the positive radiations from the cosmos. The idols behave like a receptor and they absorb all the radiations. Everything is stored.

What can we do with the stored energy?

It needs to be utilized for the mankind.


A person [devotee] is allowed inside the Garbha Gruham. The Aachaarya (The Spiritual Master) lights a small lamp. He shows the idol to the devotee. Here comes the scientific theory of light radiations.

The idols is black. The lamp is representing the white colour. The excess absorbed light energy in the form of black colour, goes through the pathway of lamp, which is represented as white colour. The lamp act as a focusing lens.

According to the theory of light radiation, when a source emits a positive radiation and if it is suitably focused towards the thitting object, and if the distance between the object and the source are suitably adjusted means, then the object can receive very high amount of radiation. In the same way, as per Hinduism, the distance between the idol and the devotee are suitably calculated to maximize the utility of the light radiations. This type of vedic scientific calculations are found in the Aagama Shaasthram. The temples are built as per the principles of Aagama Shaasthram.

This means, the devotee who is at the exact focal centric point of receiving the light radiations from the idol receives maximum benefit.

The signal from cosmos goes to the receiving towers. From the towers, they are broad casted to the respective Televisions or computer peripherals. From television or computer, the user sees the picture. The same theory of telecommunications can be applied to temples and idols.

The Devotee can absorb the positive radiations of light energy. Now, Science has accepted the healing power of light energy. We make use of it, in the form of Scan, X – Ray, ECG, etc., There also one can see that, only black and white dominates. The background is black. The picture is white. In the same way, the idol is black. The lamp behaves as white. The devotee receives the positive vibrations of light energy.

This is just minute form of explanation, on the aspect of theory of light waves. More to come on the upcoming issues.

Till then do keep chanting continuously.


Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Monday, March 06, 2006

The importance of dark coloured idols


Dear readers,

In this article we present a very interesting topic to you. The topic can be described as 'colourful', in one word!! yes, its something very different from the topics on which the articles were based so far.

One thing which people nowadays are opposed to is the habit of going to a temple and worshipping God. They have an opinion that going to a temple and worshipping God is not the right way of worship. Such people think that idol worship should not be practised and that its of no use to have blind belief in an idol. But dear readers, if such a method has been prescribed in the evergreen 'Hinduism' then surely there has to be a strong, valid and logical reason behind the same. So lets take you to the world of colours and explain the significance of worshipping the idols in a temple.

As we normally do, first we will give you the scientific reason behind the practice and then the spiritual aspect of the same.


Inside a temple, the idols of God are usually black in colour. Why was the colour 'black' chosen? You may think that why of all colours black? a colour which is less popular especially when there are such nice colours like pink, green, blue etc? But then, there exists a very important reason for the same.

In the colour spectrum, one can see that there are 7 colours. It is represented as VIBGYOR viz Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. In the colour spectrum Violet starts from the lower end and the Red colour occupies the highest position as per the emnating light radiation frequency.

The other two colours, which constitute our life are White and Black. According to theories of light radiation, white and black does not constitute any specific colour among 7 colours namely VIBGYOR.

A light wave hitting at an object can have one among the seven colours of VIBGYOR. When a light wave hits an object, the object absorbs some light radiations and the object reflects back some light radiations. Those light radiations which gets reflected to space, gives the colour to the object.

For e.g., when a light wave hits an object and if the object absorbs 6 colours among VIBGYOR and if it reflects only V=violet colour means, then the object will appear violet to the external eye. The same theory goes well with the remaining theory too.

Supposing, if an object reflects all the incoming light radiations means, i.e. if the object reflects all the 7 colours of VIBGYOR means then the object will appear WHITE coloured to the external eyes.

Supposing if the object absorbs all the incoming light radiations means, i.e. if the object absorbs all the 7 colours of VIBGYOR means then the object will appear (DARK) BLACK coloured to the external eyes.

WHITE= Reflection of all rays.

BLACK= Absorbing of all rays.

Using these scientific facts to an advantage its possible to reap a lot of benefits by worhipping an idol in a temple. How, u ask? Wait for our next issue for the answer!!!

....to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

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