Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nammalvar Charitram



Dear Readers,

We concluded the previous article by mentioning the term 'Affinity' related to electricity. Let us see what this concept is all about. It basically states that oppositely charged ions attract each other with force, if they are equally powerful. This means, the positive ions namely protons of high voltage strongly move towards equally strong negatively charged ions, namely electrons. They wish to mingle to attain equilibrium.

The two important things to be noted are:

1. The ions have opposite charge &

2. The magnitude of the opposite charges is almost the same

If this concept is seen in the context of Nammalvar Charitram, then it can be said that
The SADAM VAYU represents negative field whereas The RISHI – NAMMAZHVAR represents positive field. They are equally powerful.

The affinity – intention to get attracted towards each other will be more. This Vayu approaches each and every one, at the time of birth. Depending on the affinity value, which means, the power of positive and negative ions kept inside the body, they have their impact on the lives of the human beings. For a layman, who had minimum power means, the same will be the power of SADAM Vayu.

This is what mean, the variations and diversions prevailing in the universe in the form of animals, birds, plants, insects, human beings and their respective genies and species. Thus it leads to diversity in the eco system.

The SADAM VAYU approached NAMMAZHVAR. HE is like a rocking volcano, ready to explode like an atom bomb. This is because He had the tremendous energy that can be gained by penance as discussed in the earlier articles using the technique called Bandhanam. Now, out of 9 closed outlets, namely 9 openings in the body, NAMMAZHVAR releases one opening, namely the mouth and released the HUNGARAM sound. This means, the hidden enormous energy is expelled.

A plastic jar filled with water will release the water slowly, if it has many outlets. But, supposing the water is gushing out from a single opening, then it will flow out fast. In the same way, the HUNGARAM coming out from only one opening had a lot of force & it expelled the Sadam Vayu. So, NAMMAZHVAR remained in the state of equilibrium – MUKTHI (JEEVAN MUKTHA – ONE WHO REMAINS IN THE STATE OF MUKTHI, ALL ALONG HIS LIFE.). Thus through the power of chanting, he attained and remained in the MUKTHI BHAVAM all along his life.

That is why NAMMAZHVAR quoted in his THIRUVAIMOZHI, “VAIKUNTAM PUGUVATHU MANNAVAR VIDHIYE” – MEANS, The entry into the VAIKUNTAM – MUKTHI is the fate of the ruler (Mannavar). – Bhaktha’s.

We shall see a new topic on the next issue.

Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Friday, December 07, 2007

Nammalwar Charitram



Dear Readers,

In this article we take you back to Nammazhvar Charitram which has been discussed on this blog in the past. We link that article with the concept of penance & energy discussed in the last forthnight. Following is a brief recap of that article.

Nammalvar, also known as 'Sadagopar' (meaning one who got angry on the 'Sadam Vayu') was an incarnation of the Lord Himself. The Lord took the form of a new born baby in Nammalwar. At the time of Nammalwar's birth, the Sadam Vayu approached this baby i.e. The Lord. The Lord, when he saw this 'Sadam Vayu' approaching got angry, gave out a loud cry. This cry was called as 'Hungaram'. This sound propelled the Sadam Vayu. And as a result, the Sadam Vayu could not affect Him.

The Sadam Vayu represents the Gravitaional Force 'g'. This Vayu binds the body to the earth. It is a force that attracts all the things towards itself. The Sadam Vayu is the parcel of the virtues and evils committed by us in our previous births. It is imposed upon us in our succeeding births & affects us.

But Nammazhvar being the Lord Himself, how could the Sadam Vayu affect Him?

To repel the Sadam Vayu, NAMMAZHVAR gave out a loud cry called as 'HUNGARAM'. This action is similar to the releasing of energy when the atom bomb is burst. When an atom bomb is burst, the stored atomic energy in it gets released in a second causing a huge explosion. In the same way, the Hungaram is tremendous amount of energy obtained through meditation & Bandhanam released in a second. Here, it is not for destruction. It is for the expelling of SADAM VAYU.

The positive and negative magnetic field created out of the actions of previous and present birth accumulates to the form of SADAM VAYU. The present day psychiatrists accept rebirth. They call it as REGRESSION. Here they talk about magnetic impressions in the form of thought kept inside the brain.

The term 'AFFINITY' has a specific significance to the concept of electricity.
What exactly is this concept?

Let us discuss more on this in the next article. Lets see the link between the above concept of 'Affinity' related to electricity & with the event of NAMMAZHVAR dispelling the SADAM VAYU – magnetic field by HUNGARAM

Till then do lots of chanting.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.


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