Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Linking an electromagnet with the soul



Radhekrishna to all our readers!

Welcome once again to our blog on Science and Hinduism. If you have been regularly reading the articles then you must be remembering that in our previous article we mentioned about the great 'Alwar', Sadagopar and linked the incidents of his life with scientific concepts.

In this article let us see how the concept of an electromagnet can be linked with the soul of a living thing.

The soul represents the source of energy. When we say that 'Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; and that energy disappearing in one form appears in another form'; then here the term 'energy' is nothing but 'the soul' in spiritual terminology. The disappearing and reappearing of the energy is nothing but the cycle of birth and death. The soul enters the body at the time of his/her birth and leaves the body at the time of his/her death. This soul is unaffected by the punyam earned by a person by performing good deeds and also by the papam earned by a person by performing evil deeds.

Let us see how the soul behaves like an electromagnet.

As usual we first discuss the scientific phenomenon, which is normally known to people because of the knowledge of physical science and then proceed to show the correspondence of that phenomenon with Hinduism.

The concept is simple: When electricity passes through a conducting medium, it creates a magnetic field around it. But when the electricity goes out, the magnetic power also gets lost.

Our body corresponds to 'the thing that conducts electricity' and the soul corresponds to 'electricity'. When the soul enters a dead body, then that body gains life. When the soul enters the dead body, this action is nothing but the passing of electricity through a conducing medium. The body acquires 'magnetic power' in scientific terminology. This magnetic power creates vibration and the body starts moving.

Take an example: A magnet has magnetic power. When it is brought near an iron piece, then that iron piece becomes a 'temporary magnet'. By oscillating the magnet, through the power of magnetism, we can oscillate the iron piece. However one point needs to be remembered that if the magnet is taken away from the iron piece, then the iron piece would lose its power and would not move by itself.

Now let us begin our correspondence of this example with the terms of 'Hinduism'.

The magnet is nothing but the 'universal soul' or the 'super soul' i.e. Krishna; and the iron piece is nothing but the newborn baby that oscillates in the mother's womb. When the soul (magnetic power) is within the body (iron piece) then the iron piece can be moved by moving the magnet. In other words, a body to be able to move, perform actions, needs to have a soul in it. The soul gives the body, the power needed by it to live. Just as an iron piece stops moving when the magnet is taken away from it, so also a body is lifeless and can do nothing if there is no soul in it. When human beings self–proclaim themselves as 'God', its nothing but calling an iron piece as a 'temporary magnet'! Such people forget that as soon as the magnet is removed away, the iron piece will be useless; i.e. as soon as the soul leaves the human body, the body will be dead.They fail to realise the difference between a temporary magnet and a permanent magnet. Thus the lifespan of living things is nothing but the temporary period of time when the magnet is near the iron piece. The magnet can make the iron piece move as it wishes to. In the same way, our life is in the hands of Lord Krishna. He can make us dance to his tunes! He can decide our fate depending on our deeds. Do reflect upon all this till we come up with our next article.


Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Nammalwar Charitram and it's links with Science



After the discussion on the topic relating to the transfer of energy through the blessings of a Sathguru, we bring a new topic to our readers in this article.

In this article we will tell you about the devotee 'Nammalwar' who comes from the proud hierarchy of the 'Alwars'. The Alwars have been true devotees of Lord Krishna and are an important part of the Vaishnava group (devotees of Krishna).

The above mentioned person namely Nammalwar was called as 'Sadagopar'. This name Sadagopar was given to this devotee because of an incident that occurred at the time of his birth. The word Sadagopar is formed from two words 'Sadam' and 'Gopar'. Sadam is a form of air (Vayu). Gopar means 'one who got angry on something'. Thus the word 'Sadagopar' means one who got angry on the Sadam Vayu. Sadam Vayu is nothing but Maya or illusion. This Vayu binds the mind to materialism. It creates attachments in the minds of human beings towards other human beings, non–living things and towards attainment of fame, power etc. It makes a person ignorant of the fact that what is actually permanent is the soul and that the body is temporary. When a person is under the influence of 'Sadam Vayu' he starts feeling that fulfilling the sensory organs is the most important thing to be done. Fulfillments of the needs of the soul are just ignored.

Sadagopar was the incarnation of Lord Himself. The Lord took the form of a new born baby in Nammalwar. At the time of Nammalwar's birth, the Sadam Vayu approached this baby i.e. The Lord. The Lord, when he saw this 'Sadam Vayu' approaching got angry, gave out a loud cry. This cry was called as 'Hungaram'. This sound propelled the Sadam Vayu. And as a result, the Sadam Vayu could not affect Him. So he was called Sadagopar. He thus during his entire life remained unaffected by the Maya (illusion).


The Sadam Vayu represents the Gravitaional Force 'g'. This Vayu binds the body to the earth. It is a force that attracts all the things towards itself. The Sadam Vayu is the parcel of the virtues and evils committed by us in our previous births. It is imposed upon us in our succeeding births. They affect us in our every birth.

The negative energies accumulated in the body creates a negative magnetic field around us. This accumulated negative magnetic field represents the sack of papam i.e. the evils done by us in our previous births and our current birth. The positive energies on the other hand create a positive magnetic field around us. The accumulated positive magnetic field represents the sack of Punyam i.e. the virtues earned by us in all our previous births and our current birth.

In the above context, the 'positive magnetic field' and 'negative magnetic field' are nothing but, in a layman's terms, the positive environment and negative environment that surrounds a person. This includes the family of a person, his/her friend circle, the area in which the person resides, the mentalities, attitudes, behaviors of all the above mentioned people etc. All this has an important bearing on the state of mind of a person.

For example: Take the case of 2 persons, one who is born in a family where the family members are not educated, are financially poorly placed they are not spiritually inclined, the friend circle of the person is such which indulges in habits like smoking, drinking etc. There is a need to earn for the family at an early age. The other is born in a family wherein all the members of that family are educated, are financially well placed, are spiritually inclined, the persons friend circle is also good in terms of spiritual inclination. Then there is a strong likelihood that the person born in the latter family will have a better scope for self–realization than the former one. Depending upon whether one's past birth's virtues are more or evils are more, one will get the birth in a suitable family and thereby a chance of self–realization.

Thus today's so called Y2K world is nothing but the magnetic fields of positive and negative energies. So now it's up to us to decide that which magnetic field do we want us to be surrounded with? The positive one or the negative one?

Think about this till we continue with the article in our next posting.


Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

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