Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some insight into 'Self-Realisation'



Dear Readers,
Radhekrishna once again!

If you can recollect, then we explained the meaning of the terms such as 'Sukshma Shareeram', 'Pithru Yagnam', 'Sadam Vayu' etc in our precious article. We hope the meaning of these terms is clear now. Continuing from where we concluded the previous article,

When this SUKSHMA SAREERAM (SADAM VAYU) approached 'Nammalvar', HE drove away the VAYU by the POWER OF HUNGARAM (A form of Nama Japam i.e. chanting).

Now let us discuss as to what exactly is meant by liberation or self realization? How can one achieve this state of being?

To attain this state, the first and foremost prerequisite is remaining neutral. (Remember the feature of zero? Neither Positive nor Negative?).

It is not possible to achieve this state if one keeps accumulating the positive and negative energies by performing good and evil deeds respectively; i.e. one cannot attain liberation by adding PUNYAM (Positive Energy). One cannot attain liberation by subtracting PAPAM (Negative Energy).

One can attain liberation only through achieving equilibrium, between PUNYAM and PAPAM. The neutral state represents the MUKTHI. The state of equilibrium attained by annulling the positive and negative energy accumulated in the body, by virtue of actions, will bring in a NEUTRAL STATE. This neutral state is called as MUKTHI.

At this stage, a person begins to see one's own reflection in each and every living and non–living thing i.e. he begins to appreciate 'that which is common' in all the things, be it living or non–living; that common thing being the existence of Lord Krishna in it. An example from the glorious hindu tradition would be that of Bhakta Prahlad. When asked by his father the great demon Hiranyakashyap as to where is his Hero Lord Hari, Prahlad very aptly replies, he's everywhere! in me, in you, in the plants, in the pillar, everywhere. This state attained by the child 'Prahlad' is self–realization. When one's soul starts feeling the sanctity of Lord everywhere, there is no room left for miseries, sorrow, jealousy, materialistic pleasures, physical pain etc. All that is left is eternal bliss. In this stage, the mind remains detached from parts of the human life like money, social status, prestigious post in any job, pleasures of a family life, satisfaction of the sensory organs etc.


This also means that one has to treat success and defeat 'equally' which is a very difficult thing to adhere to. It's so natural to being happy in times of prosperity and grumbling in times of adversity. But that’s precisely the reason why not everyone attains this state! If it was so easy then everyone would have achieved it! But unfortunately its not so.

Going back to the Nammalvar Charitram,

The Alwar had driven out Sadam Vayu from affecting him in any manner.
He did so by the power of 'Hungaram'. Hungaram is a form of napajapam (chanting)
as said earlier.

So now let us discuss about the power of Namajapam (chanting)
Why do we keep telling time and again that do continuous chanting of Radhekrishna namam to get peace of mind? What power does it have? We will be discussing on this question in our forthcoming articles.

Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Linking an electromagnet with the soul


Radhekrishna once again to all our readers.
We continue our discussion on the topic started in the previous article.
Following is a brief description of the soul.

The soul of living things is neutral. Just as the number zero is neither positive nor negative. The soul is devoid of punyam and paapam. It means that the good deeds and evil deeds performed by a person do not in any way affect the soul.

It is generally said in our Hindu culture that we reap in the same manner as we sow.
If a person uses his/her hands to steal something then depending upon facts and circumstances the person could reap the fruits in the following ways:

1. There might be a theft in the house of that person.
2. The stolen thing may get lost from the hands of that person.
3. The persons hand may get injured in an accident or the hands might get paralyzed etc

On the other hand, if a person uses the same hands to perform good deeds then he will reap equally good fruits for the same.

If a puppy (young one of a dog) has fallen in flowing water and is unable to swim its way out and if a person takes it out of that water then there will be a time when there would be someone else to lend a similar helping hand to the person who saved the puppy and that helping hand would bring the person out of trouble.

All this is like maths! 4 – 3 = 1, 5 – 8 = –3

Assume the first digit in each of the above two examples (4 and 5) to be the good deeds and the second digit (3 and 8) to be the evil deeds. The net effect of our good deeds (punyam) and our bad deeds (paapam) shall always decide our fate. More the number of good deeds and the lesser the number of bad deeds, the better it is and more the number of evil deeds and lesser the number of good deeds, the worse it is. So one must always try and be in the first category and not in the second category i.e. perform good deeds and avoid evil deeds.

So as one can observe that depending upon the magnitude of the deed the proportionate fruits will be reaped by the person.
The above examples can be applied to all the acts done by us. And the fruits of such acts if not reaped in the present birth gets carried forward to the next birth! So there is no escaping the rewards and punishments!
However there is an exception to all the above explanation. That exception is the soul.
The soul always remains unaffected by the good deeds and bad deeds performed by a person.
The punyam and paapam acquired by a person is the positive and negative energy respectively, accumulated by a person. This accumulation happens till the time the living thing gets salvation. Salvation is attained by a person when he undergoes self–realization i.e. becomes one with Lord Krishna. Till then at the end of each birth the accumulation of punyam and paapam form an envelope around the soul. When a living thing dies, the action of the soul of that living thing leaving the body happens. When the soul departs the body, this envelop also departs along with the soul. This envelope covering the departed soul is called as 'Sukshma Shareeram' (The invisible person).

For the sake of pleasing the 'Sukshma Shareeram' after the death of a person, we perform certain rituals. Its called as 'Pithru Yagnam'. It’s a divine ritual performed to please the departed soul. (For more explanation on this concept please go through the articles of our other blog Vedhapremamrutham at poojyashrishriamma.blogspot.com)
The 'Sukshma Shareeram' reaches another body. The energy disappearing from the dead
man reaches the newborn baby. When the soul enters the new body, the envelope of punyam and paapam also enters that body. The form in which this envelop enters the new body is called 'Sadam Vayu'.

Doesn’t this word sound familiar to the ear, dear readers? Yes of course it does. In our past articles we told you about 'Nammalwar Charitram' and its relation with scientific concepts. That’s where we mentioned about this word 'Sadam Vayu'.

Thus, dear readers, Sadam Vayu is the envelope of good and evil done by a person in all the previous births. This Sadam Vayu engulfs the life of each and every living thing in the Universe. Thus we are caught in the trap of Maya (illusion) of material life.

The living things do not remember what good deeds and evil deeds they have done in their previous births. Hence they can never predict whether something good is going to happen or something bad at any point in time in any birth of theirs. Hence all of us need to be extremely unattached to things and people dear to us because one never knows that how and when will one reap the fruits of one's good and evil actions performed in the previous births. Everything that happens to one in his lifetime needs to be taken as it comes by telling oneself that its a fruit of one's good and evil actions performed over the number of births and a conscious effort has to be made to perfrom more and more good deeds and avoid performing bad deeds. This cycle of addition of punyam and subtraction of paapam is called as 'Samasara Sagaram' (The endless ocean of birth and death) in Hinudism.

Do more and more chanting and realize the true bliss in life.
Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Linking an electromagnet with the soul



Radhekrishna to all our readers!

Welcome once again to our blog on Science and Hinduism. If you have been regularly reading the articles then you must be remembering that in our previous article we mentioned about the great 'Alwar', Sadagopar and linked the incidents of his life with scientific concepts.

In this article let us see how the concept of an electromagnet can be linked with the soul of a living thing.

The soul represents the source of energy. When we say that 'Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; and that energy disappearing in one form appears in another form'; then here the term 'energy' is nothing but 'the soul' in spiritual terminology. The disappearing and reappearing of the energy is nothing but the cycle of birth and death. The soul enters the body at the time of his/her birth and leaves the body at the time of his/her death. This soul is unaffected by the punyam earned by a person by performing good deeds and also by the papam earned by a person by performing evil deeds.

Let us see how the soul behaves like an electromagnet.

As usual we first discuss the scientific phenomenon, which is normally known to people because of the knowledge of physical science and then proceed to show the correspondence of that phenomenon with Hinduism.

The concept is simple: When electricity passes through a conducting medium, it creates a magnetic field around it. But when the electricity goes out, the magnetic power also gets lost.

Our body corresponds to 'the thing that conducts electricity' and the soul corresponds to 'electricity'. When the soul enters a dead body, then that body gains life. When the soul enters the dead body, this action is nothing but the passing of electricity through a conducing medium. The body acquires 'magnetic power' in scientific terminology. This magnetic power creates vibration and the body starts moving.

Take an example: A magnet has magnetic power. When it is brought near an iron piece, then that iron piece becomes a 'temporary magnet'. By oscillating the magnet, through the power of magnetism, we can oscillate the iron piece. However one point needs to be remembered that if the magnet is taken away from the iron piece, then the iron piece would lose its power and would not move by itself.

Now let us begin our correspondence of this example with the terms of 'Hinduism'.

The magnet is nothing but the 'universal soul' or the 'super soul' i.e. Krishna; and the iron piece is nothing but the newborn baby that oscillates in the mother's womb. When the soul (magnetic power) is within the body (iron piece) then the iron piece can be moved by moving the magnet. In other words, a body to be able to move, perform actions, needs to have a soul in it. The soul gives the body, the power needed by it to live. Just as an iron piece stops moving when the magnet is taken away from it, so also a body is lifeless and can do nothing if there is no soul in it. When human beings self–proclaim themselves as 'God', its nothing but calling an iron piece as a 'temporary magnet'! Such people forget that as soon as the magnet is removed away, the iron piece will be useless; i.e. as soon as the soul leaves the human body, the body will be dead.They fail to realise the difference between a temporary magnet and a permanent magnet. Thus the lifespan of living things is nothing but the temporary period of time when the magnet is near the iron piece. The magnet can make the iron piece move as it wishes to. In the same way, our life is in the hands of Lord Krishna. He can make us dance to his tunes! He can decide our fate depending on our deeds. Do reflect upon all this till we come up with our next article.


Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Nammalwar Charitram and it's links with Science



After the discussion on the topic relating to the transfer of energy through the blessings of a Sathguru, we bring a new topic to our readers in this article.

In this article we will tell you about the devotee 'Nammalwar' who comes from the proud hierarchy of the 'Alwars'. The Alwars have been true devotees of Lord Krishna and are an important part of the Vaishnava group (devotees of Krishna).

The above mentioned person namely Nammalwar was called as 'Sadagopar'. This name Sadagopar was given to this devotee because of an incident that occurred at the time of his birth. The word Sadagopar is formed from two words 'Sadam' and 'Gopar'. Sadam is a form of air (Vayu). Gopar means 'one who got angry on something'. Thus the word 'Sadagopar' means one who got angry on the Sadam Vayu. Sadam Vayu is nothing but Maya or illusion. This Vayu binds the mind to materialism. It creates attachments in the minds of human beings towards other human beings, non–living things and towards attainment of fame, power etc. It makes a person ignorant of the fact that what is actually permanent is the soul and that the body is temporary. When a person is under the influence of 'Sadam Vayu' he starts feeling that fulfilling the sensory organs is the most important thing to be done. Fulfillments of the needs of the soul are just ignored.

Sadagopar was the incarnation of Lord Himself. The Lord took the form of a new born baby in Nammalwar. At the time of Nammalwar's birth, the Sadam Vayu approached this baby i.e. The Lord. The Lord, when he saw this 'Sadam Vayu' approaching got angry, gave out a loud cry. This cry was called as 'Hungaram'. This sound propelled the Sadam Vayu. And as a result, the Sadam Vayu could not affect Him. So he was called Sadagopar. He thus during his entire life remained unaffected by the Maya (illusion).


The Sadam Vayu represents the Gravitaional Force 'g'. This Vayu binds the body to the earth. It is a force that attracts all the things towards itself. The Sadam Vayu is the parcel of the virtues and evils committed by us in our previous births. It is imposed upon us in our succeeding births. They affect us in our every birth.

The negative energies accumulated in the body creates a negative magnetic field around us. This accumulated negative magnetic field represents the sack of papam i.e. the evils done by us in our previous births and our current birth. The positive energies on the other hand create a positive magnetic field around us. The accumulated positive magnetic field represents the sack of Punyam i.e. the virtues earned by us in all our previous births and our current birth.

In the above context, the 'positive magnetic field' and 'negative magnetic field' are nothing but, in a layman's terms, the positive environment and negative environment that surrounds a person. This includes the family of a person, his/her friend circle, the area in which the person resides, the mentalities, attitudes, behaviors of all the above mentioned people etc. All this has an important bearing on the state of mind of a person.

For example: Take the case of 2 persons, one who is born in a family where the family members are not educated, are financially poorly placed they are not spiritually inclined, the friend circle of the person is such which indulges in habits like smoking, drinking etc. There is a need to earn for the family at an early age. The other is born in a family wherein all the members of that family are educated, are financially well placed, are spiritually inclined, the persons friend circle is also good in terms of spiritual inclination. Then there is a strong likelihood that the person born in the latter family will have a better scope for self–realization than the former one. Depending upon whether one's past birth's virtues are more or evils are more, one will get the birth in a suitable family and thereby a chance of self–realization.

Thus today's so called Y2K world is nothing but the magnetic fields of positive and negative energies. So now it's up to us to decide that which magnetic field do we want us to be surrounded with? The positive one or the negative one?

Think about this till we continue with the article in our next posting.


Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The blessings of a sathguru



A very happy, lighted, colourful and noiseless deepavali to all our readers.

Enjoy this deepavali in a manner different from the usual one. Let us Chant the name of Radhekrishna and surrender to the lotus feet of Gurujiamma and Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar and realize, the true meaning of the precious human life.

Let us, in this article see know that why is it propagated by Hinduism that the Shishyas (devotees) should surrender to the feet of a Sathguru and offer pranams at their feet.

The blessing of a Sathguru brings true wisdom in the mind of the Shishya. True wisdom is not something which can be obtained by reading hundreds and hundreds of books. The word 'wisdom' here is to be construed in a very different manner in the context. Here wisdom does not mean obtaining degrees like LLB, CA, MBA, MBBS etc. Nor does wisdom mean earning a lot of money.

The word wisdom is to be taken on an 'intellectual platform'. In today's world, we are dumping our mind with the dead facts as imposed by others. Wisdom here means striving towards the realization of the self which is different from the human body. The self realization of the immense positive energy that can be attained through chanting is to be attained.

The Sathguru shows the right path of salvation to the Shishya. He tells the Shishya about the do's and don'ts that a Shishya has to follow. Because Sathguru knows the mind of the Shishya. He knows how the Shishya thinks. So the Sathguru moulds the mind of the Shishya accordingly.

The true realization is that–we are provided with immense positive energy. But it is not seen in each and every human being because the quantum of negative energies as a proportion of positive energies is high. So one can realize the true effect of positive energy within us when the effect of negative energies is annulled. This can be done by constant chanting of Radhekrishna Namajapam. This is not an overstatement. It’s a fact.

Anyone can actually try this out. Even if one merely chants for even five minutes, one can easily feel the difference, the sanctity. If one by conscious effort tries to control the mind from not thinking about anything, then that gives tremendous relief and energy. By itself its very difficult to do but its certainly possible through chanting. When the positive energy emanates from the body of a person, then the radiance can be easily seen and identified.

The glow on the face of such a person is called as 'Tejas' (divinity). All these things are next to impossible without the help of a Sathguru. He is the one who has the capability to guide the Shishyas to attain such heights. The 'Tejas' found in the face of a Shishya is actually given by the Sathguru. The Shishya attains glory and fame with the power of that 'Tejas'. The Sathguru calmly observes it. The Shishya can achieve all this only with the blessings of the Sathguru.

We the members of Radhekrishna Sathsangam are fortunate to have our Sathguru Poojyashree Shree Amma and Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar to guide us in this journey called 'life'. Let us wholeheartedly surrender onto their feet and get their blessings. With their blessings, there is nothing else to be attained.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Blessings of a Sathguru



Dear Readers,


In this following article of ours we present to our readers a very interesting article. Its something which the so-called modern generation of today is ignorant of. Let us not make you readers anxious anymore and begin with the article.

It is a commonly observed practice in Hinduism that the shishyas (devotees) touch the feet of the Sathguru and the sathguru’s give them ‘aashirwadam’ (blessings). Now a layman’s thought would be that why is it to be done? Actually there lies a very deep scientific reason behind that act. That point is related to the transfer of energy. So in this article of ours lets see how the act of shishyas touching the feet of a Sathguru is related to science and Hinduism.


When the Sathguru gives blessings to his shishyas, the positive energy of Sathguru is transferred to the body of the shishyas through His divine hands and feet. The Guru represents the reservoir of positive energy and the divine field of magnetism is created through the power of devotion. This magnetic field flows around them.

When a shishyas humbly surrenders at the lotus feet of sathguru, from the feet of Sathguru; the positive energy gets transferred to the head of the shishyas. This annuls the negative energies, which may be present in the mind of the shishyas. Negative energies can enter the mind of any person through various media like bad friend circle; wherein the friends are indulged in bad habits like smoking, drinking etc, indulging in acts like watching the indecent T.V. programs, by performing of certain acts like theft, murder etc

The positive energy is punyam (good virtues) and the negative energy is papam (bad virtues). The touching of the divine feet of a Sathguru cleanses the sin in the form of papam. It burns the papam i.e. it burns the negative energy accumulated in the minds of the shishyas to zero.


It’s known that energy transformation is a scientific concept. From the above explanation, there is now no doubt that transfer of energy takes place when the shishyas touches the divine feet of the sathguru. So isn’t this act also a scientific concept? And extrapolating the same isn’t Hinduism very scientific? Isn’t there a logical reasoning behind each and every action prescribed in Hinduism? Most definitely yes!



Now doesn’t this above sentence very related to something that we have already said in our previous articles? Yes of course!! This is very much similar to the concept of conservation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy disappearing in one form reappears in another form.

So dear readers, after getting knowledge about the act of touching a Sathguru’s feet and surrendering to the feet of the Sathguru helps in transferring tremendous positive energy in our body and also in destroying the negative energies of our body; let us wholeheartedly surrender ourselves to the lotus feet of our Sathguru Poojyashree Shree Amma and Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar and obtain the positive energies!


….to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Acupressure and Conservation of energy in hinduism



Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna to all of you!!

A small notice to all our readers that on our blog, the article dated 21st August was published incomplete. The error has been rectified now and the inconvenience to our readers is regretted. Please do read the full article now published.

We continue our discussion on the relation of the act of meditating with the principle of Conservation of Energy in this article.

Now we very well know that mediation helps increase our potential energy tremendously. The energy, which is otherwise wasted, even if we are not doing any physical activity but ‘merely’ thinking, such wastage is avoided. Yes, it’s very true that a lot of energy is actually wasted when our mind thinks. Comparatively speaking, when our body and mind is preoccupied with doing a particular activity, say reading a book, the energy spent then is less than energy spent when one has got nothing to do and one is just sitting and daydreaming (i.e. the mind is working due to the thinking done). Hence its better that one indulges oneself in doing definite work rather than doing nothing (which means thinking). This is because the mind is such that it can never ever remain idle. So better make the mind work lesser by doing definite work than making it work more by ‘merely’ thinking.

Applying the rule of total energy remaining constant, we concluded that during meditation, the potential energy is total energy or the kinetic energy is nil.

T. E. = MGH + 0 (K.E)
Here Mass M is negligible, as the body becomes light. Other parameters are Gravitation G and height H. The gravitation G is overcome by the power of chanting. The body floats in the air.



The term directly proportional means that as height increases, total energy increases and as height decreases, total energy decreases.





That’s what the SATHGURU’s mean when they SAY, “ Reduce your burden. You have dumped sacks and sacks of sorrow in your mind. Reduce it. Your mind will then be free, and your body light.

So when the mass is reduced, the body will be floating in the air. Here the mass does not mean body mass. The accumulated energy in the mind represents the mass. Every action whether it is positive or negative, will release energy in the body. Those energies, which are either positive or negative, will be accumulated in the body. This total energy is termed as mass in the above paragraphs.

When the T.E. is full of positive vibrations, which will enhance the universal energy flow, then that will create a positive magnetic field around us. In the same way, the negative energies will lead to enveloping a negative field around us.

This same logic can be explained from an example. In our life right from childhood we are told to keep a good friend circle. We are told to avoid having friends who indulge in smoking, drinking and other bad habits; and those who shirk studies and only loiter around the whole day doing nothing. Why is it so? It is so because all such people represent negative energies. Their presence around us makes us think and behave like them. But if the force of positive energies is more i.e. if one person from the negative category is amongst many of the positive category then there is a greater chance that that person with negative energies would improve in that environment of positive energies.


We are avoiding evil thoughts and consequent wasting of the brain’s potential energy.

So let us all pledge to think positive and think only as much as needed. Let the positive energies of Radhekrishna Sathsangam flow in our body and mind.


…………to be continued.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Acupressure and Conservation of energy in hinduism


Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam

Dear Readers,


The previous article concluded with the description of 'CHIN MUDHRA' a type of meditation symbol. We thus now know that the various postures in which the rishis did meditation had definite scientific reasoning behind it. Meditating in those poses helped in stimulating the acupressure points of the body, which resulted in generation of tremendous energy in the body.
In this article let us know the relation of the act of doing meditation by the rishis, with the principle that we have already discussed in our previous articles about the Law of conservation of energy. We have seen in that law as to how the total energy (T.E.) is equal to the sum of K.E. and P.E. i.e. (T.E. = P.E. + K.E.) is a constant, and we have also known the proportions of K.E. and P.E. at the three different stages of Vaikuntham, Devalokam and Bhoolokam.

By sitting and doing constant Nama Japam, the rishis used to acquire immense potential energy.

P E = mgh, where m = mass, g = gravitation force h = height.

After vigorous meditation, a bhakta (devotee) achieves the state of flying in the air. This means he overcomes the power of gravitation. When the body becomes light, it floats in the air. It is just like a balloon filled with sufficient amount of air. Yes its true that this is achievable. The human mind has the power to do such things. But it requires a high level of concentration, which nobody in today’s world possesses.

When sufficient air is blown in a balloon, it starts floating in the air. At the same time, when the entire air is blown out, then the balloon will fall down to the earth. Our body resembles the balloon. Through breath control (pranayam), the air passage is mildly oscillated within the inner cavity of lungs. The body becomes light.

In the formula of potential energy, P. E. = mgh,
if the parameter, “m” becomes negligible, then automatically, the body acquires the ability to fly. Our light body then has a lot of potential energy stored in it.

Let us look at the increase in potential energy in an indirect manner now.

Let us know the impact of meditation on the variables that make up the formula for kinetic energy.

K.E.= 1/2 mv2

In this formula, the variables involved are mass and velocity.

When the human body floats in the air, the velocity of the body is uniform and the mass is negligible.

Now let is bring another familiar law into picture.


Every inanimate body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion along a straight line, unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force.

Applying this law in the above context,

The devotee resembles the body. The body remains in the state of rest when the devotee is sitting and doing meditation. However when the devotee is floating in the air, the motion remains uniform.The velocity then becomes zero.(Because there is no motion. Thus we can say that when the person meditates and does pranayam to such an extent that his body becomes light enough to start floating in the air, then that body’s kinetic energy becomes zero. That is, the potential energy of that body increases tremendously.


Let us continue with the discussions in our next article. Let us then know the further interpretations of the discussions of this article.

Till then let us chant the Radhekrishna Nama and with the blessings of Gurujiamma and Guruji (Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar) channelise our powerful human mind in doing the right things and not misuse its powers.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Monday, August 21, 2006

Acupressure and Conservation of energy in hinduism

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam

Dear Readers,

In our previous article, we started a new topic ACCUPRESSURE AND ENERGY CONSERVATION IN HINDUISM. Now you all must have understood the reason why the rishis used to wear footwear made of wood in ancient times. There are many such small things, which appear to be very insignificant to the human mind in this modern day world. However there are certain important reasons why those things are, that way. Their significance cannot be appreciated unless the information about such things is disseminated to the people at large.

Right from childhood so many questions arise in our mind like:
Why is a rangoli drawn in front of the house?
Why does one hold fasts (not eating anything)?
Why must a tulasi plant be planted in the house?
Why are colours sprayed on each other during holi?
Why do people meditate?
So on and so forth.

All such things seem redundant to a person if he does not know the significance of those things. The purpose of our blog is to spread knowledge about all such things, which are small parts of the huge parcel known as 'Hinduism'.

Continuing from where we left last time, here is a brief description of the wooden slippers:

The wooden slippers will be having a single hold. On one side of this hold would be the toe (first finger of our leg) and on the other side of this hold would be the remaining four fingers; index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. One has to make a firm grip at the hold with the help of our toe and the index finger. This indirectly creates the effect of acupressure.

A specific acupressure point is located in the toes, which is connected to the brain and spinal chord.

When we obtain a firm grip on that hold of the PADHA RAKSHAI (wooden slippers) using our toe and our index finger, that specific acupressure point present in our toe, gets pressed. This activates the motor nerve impulses of brain and spinal chord making the power of meditation still more powerful. This is the reason why such slippers were worn in ancient times.

Moving further, there are various postures mentioned in yoga in which the rishis used to sit and do meditation. Now a question that arises is that why is it required to sit in certain specific postures only to meditate? The reason is that the yogic postures meant for meditation have specific significance towards acupressure points.

Following is an example:
The CHIN MUDHRA, is the basic type of meditation symbol. It is formed by folding the INDEX FINGER and THUMB. The tip of index finger represents the acupressure point for SINUS (ENERGY POINTS). SINUS FLUID is generated in the brain and it helps in the brain activity. The acupressure points connected to the thumb are

I) Pituitary gland
II) Pineal gland
III) Mental nerves
IV) head nerves and
V) spine.

Thus by folding the index finger and thumb, we are creating a circulation of electricity from one end to another.

The energy that is stored in the body flows to the thumb. That is passed on to the sinus points which are present in the index fingers. Thus a circuit of electricity is created, just like connecting the Negative and Positive Terminal of a battery. Here the circuit is a closed one. So, there is no loss of electricity. Thus the body current circulates within the body, without any loss. Thus the power of chanting (NAMA JAPAM) MULTIPLIES AND PRODUCES AN AVALANCHE EFFECT AS IN THE CASE OF ATOM BOMB.
Let us look at the scientific example of the atom bomb:
The energy released by small atoms is seemingly negligible. But, when the atoms are bombarded within the closed circuit, the energy released by these small atoms, combines
together. The cycle of bombardment is done, time after time. Thus it creates a massive energy. This massive energy bursts out, and there it attains the name of ATOM BOMB.

The same thing accounts well with chanting (NAMA JAPAM). But, the key point is that the circuit of electricity should be closed. The circuit is closed by CHIN MUDHRA in the hands. The energy loss is protected by PADHA RAKSHAI. (Wooden Slipper). Thus the energy released by the NAMA JAPAM accumulates time after time and it produces an avalanche effect, leading to enormous energy of unimaginable pores, as in the case of ATOM BOMB. Our Ancient Hinduism had a wonderful Science behind each and every aspect. Some People used to laugh at Rishis. They used to ask them, What is HE going to get by closing his eyes and folding his fingers and do continuous chanting? Yes, Of course HE is going to acquire enormous energy by means of HIS meditation and that energy will be stored within his body for future use by means of wearing the wooden slippers.

Let us know more about this in our next article. Till then Radhekrishna!!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Accupressure and Conservation of energy in hinduism

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam

Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna! In this month falls a significant date which is 16th of August. The day is special because it is the festival of Janmashtami. It is Lord Krishna's birthday!
Please do see our website www.radhekrishnasatsangam.com
for the details pertaining to this day's celebrations by our Radhekrishna Sathsangam.

Coming back to the articles,

We concluded our dicussions relating to the potential and kinetic energies and their links with hinduism in our last article.

In this article we will be hitting on the relation between Accupressure and conservation of energy with its links, obviously, with Hinduism.

Nowadays, everybody is becoming aware about and willing to try out Accupressure Techniques. The increasing role played by the various mass media like radio, television, internet etc is contributing to such awareness. There is a lot of advertising in newspapers, television etc about accupressure clinics, accupressure methods and re;ated topics. 'Accupressure' has certainly come into the limelight as the 'next big thing', in todays world.
Accupressure concentrates on knowing certain points on our human body which are connected through nerves with the vital organs of the body such as brain, heart etc. The technique revolves around applying force on such critical points to cure various ailments. Every critical part could be connected with one or more vital organs of the body.

However, the fact remains that it is not new to 'hinduism'. This technique was known to us since ancient times. The RISHI's, who did meditation in forests, or any place where they would be undisturbed, used to wear slippers made of wood.

Why a wodden slipper? If in todays world a person is asked to wear wooden footware, he would laugh out loudly saying that there are much better alternative footware available. However, this is because everyone is ignorant about the reasons hidden behind it.

Our body itself, becomes a source of electricity after meditation. Meditating upon God has various benefits. It gives peace of mind to the person. It makes a person 'Sattvic'. Sattva-(goodness). The concentration power of a person increases. Electricity produced in the body after meditation, should be stored. The reason why it should be stored is that just as water if allowed to flow at the time of monsoon, will get percolated into the soil i.e. earth; similarly, the energy that is produced within the human body, as a result of meditation, will get transferred to the earth when there is a contact between the body and the earth.

However, if the water during monsoon is stored in a dam, then it becomes a reservoir of energy (in this case potential energy of water which is stored). Similarly, the human body should also become a reservoir of energy if the energy acquired through meditation needs to be utilised in the future. As per Science, earth is a great electro-magnet. It can easily absorb electricity from any thing. So, on touching the ground, the body current passes from the human body to the earth. The energy that was stored in the body, will be transferred to the earth.

Thus the valuable exercise of mediating in order to obtain energy becomes worthless. We know that wood is a non-conductor of electricity. Current or energy for that matter cannot pass through wood. This fact was known to the rishis in the ancient times and they used it to great effect. Our body makes contact with the earth through the legs. The slippers made of wood, act as a non - conductor of electricity, and prevent the body current (the positive energy produced in the body, by virtue of meditation) from passing to the earth.

Ancient Hinduism,has a significant knowledge about electricity. The people of those times had chosen a non -conducting material namely, wood to preserve the body energy. This is the reason behind the wearing of wodden slippers by the rishis of those times.

However, you readers must be thinking that how is all this related with accupressure in any way? For the answer, wait till our next article.
Till then radhekrishna. Do Radhekrishna napajabam continuously and enjoy the bliss.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Potential energy and Kinetic energy


Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam

Dear Readers,


On the 11th of July was an important day according to the Hindu Calendar. It was Guru Pournima. In this regard, let us surrender ourselves to the feet of our Gurujiamma who is the Ultimate Liberator bestowed by Lord Shri Krishna and our Guruji Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar and offer the humble prayers. It is only Their blessings because of which all the members of Radhekrishna Sathsangam have realized the true purpose of this precious human life.

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Ammavaku Jay!

Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasarka Jay!

Coming back to the articles, let us know see the interpretation of zero potential energy and 100% kinetic energy in the third stage.

Human beings often feel that they have a “very high position” in the society. They take a lot of pride in saying this to others. But this so-called ‘high position’ is just an illusion. The actual ‘high position’ can be earned when a human being elevates himself to the upper worlds of ‘Vaikuntham’.

Thus on the earth (third stage) PE = 0 means that all the positions held by us, by means of posts, popularity etc., are zero in the context of GOD.

Isn’t it so very true dear readers? We toil for years to earn a position in the so-called ‘Society’ but of what use is it? One incident like the blasts of July 11, 2006 and the entire effort of so many years can go down the drain within seconds!!

Now let us know the interpretation of kinetic energy being 100% in this stage.

KE= ½ mv² Here m=mass v=velocity (motion).

KE= represents the “KARMA YOGAM”. Karma yogam in a nutshell is about dedicating all ones actions to the highest authority i.e. Lord Krishna.

In the Bhagwath Gita Lord Krishna has clearly instructed that whatever we eat, whatever we do, whatever austerities we perform, we should dedicate all of them to Him. This is the only way to remain unaffected by the results of those actions. One will not get disappointed from the results of any actions performed by him if they are dedicated to Lord Krishna.

A man can elevate himself to higher ENERGY LEVELS.

Through KE = 1/2mv². (m = body mass index).

V = velocity represents the bodily actions.

On the earth, man has energy in the form of KE= ½ mv²

As has been said again and again, the total energy remains constant.

So, if KE = ½ mv² reaches the levels compared to DEVALOKAM, then at that time, that particular soul is elevated to DEVALOKAM. When the individual acquires the energy equivalent to a propelling rocket, which orbits in the sky, out beating the gravitation force, then that individual possesses immense KE. So he enters the second stage inhibited by the demi-gods (Devalokam). Once this divine energy of KE expires, he falls from heaven to ground (just as a rocket would fall back to the earth if the fuel in it gets exhausted). So also by our actions we can get directly elevated to the first stage i.e. Vaikuntham.

Now to summarise the three stages,

On Earth KE= ½ mv²= KARMA YOGAM works.

In the second stage, Devalokam (Intermediate) = A balance should be achieved. ‘g’ should be overcome by means of height.(Holding very high PE to overcome the effect of ‘g’). KE should be maintained by means of uniform motion namely v= velocity should be uniform.

In the first stage (sky) (Vaikuntham)

PE=mgh=Infinite Potential Energy

When h= ∞ (Infinity) that represents the divine abode of BHAGAVAN. Here mgh= Infinite. KE= ½ mv² has ‘no’ role to play.

Because m is negligible, v is uniform i.e. in the divine abode of Bhagavan (Vaikuntham), the body becomes mass less (negligible mass).

Even though the body is there in the VAIKUNTHAM, it becomes senseless. So, there the effect of heat, cold, pleasure, and pain on the human body does not exist. The velocity ‘v’ remains uniform i.e. there is no movement at this stage.

The life of VAIKUNDAM remains with infinite PE and uniform motion of KE.

Thus the law of conservation of energy can very well be accounted by HINDUISM and KARMA THEORY.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Potential energy and Kinetic energy



Dear Readers,


We have already discussed two out of three stages with respect to the proportions of potential and kinetic energy and the following were the conclusions:

In the first stage (Vaikuntham), the proportion of potential energy is 100% whereas that of kinetic energy is nil.

In the second stage (Devalokam), there is a continuous transformation from potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa.

Now let us see what is exactly the case in the third and the last stage i.e. Bhoolokam (the world of human beings).

The Bhoolokam (earth),

On the earth, the value of the variable, ‘height’ (h) in the formula

P.E. = mgh is ‘0’

Hence, PE = mg x 0 = 0

Now if the total of P.E. + K.E. has to be 100% always, then it means that at this stage, the proportion of kinetic energy has to be 100%. This in turn means that all the energy that human beings (who inhibit this world) have, is in the kinetic form i.e. owing to their motion.

Thus, on earth we human beings have zero potential energy. We do not possess the powers to lift our bodies by ourselves and fly above the ground in the sky i.e. we don’t have powers to defy the gravitational force (g) exerted by the earth on us. The influence of this force on us constantly keeps us on the ground. But in the ancient times, the rishis, with the power of meditation and yoga, attained powers that could make them fly in the sky thereby defying the gravitational force.

In the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in which he was born as the son of King Dashratha as Lord Rama, there is an incident when the brother of Lord Rama (Lakshmana) gets severely injured in the battle with the army of Ravana and the vaidya (known as a ‘doctor’ in today’s world) advises that a particular herb called as ‘Sanjeevani’ which was found only on the mountain named ‘Nilgiri’ in the Himalayas be brought. Now this herb had to be made available overnight! So at that time the devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman, (who is the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva) rises to the occasion and flies all the way from Sri Lanka to the Himalayas and back in one night’s time to get that herb. Now several people, especially Indians, know all this as they would have heard this as a bedtime story from their grandparents.

But the mentioning of all this, in this article of ours, has a different purpose altogether. The point to be noted from the above incident is that how was it possible to get that herb in such a short time? The answer, if put ‘scientifically’, is that Lord Hanuman converted his body mass into energy, which helped him move at the speed of light thereby facilitating the successful accomplishment of the task, overnight. When a body (mass) is converted into energy, it can travel with a very high velocity. The above incident was ‘just’ another example of conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy.

In our next article, let us see that what is the interpretation of zero potential energy and 100% kinetic energy at this third stage (ground level) or (earth), in hinduism.

Till then do Guru Dhyanam (reflecting on one’s Guru, continuously thinking about one's Guru; and enjoy the real bliss). Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Potential energy and Kinetic energy


Dear Readers,


Hinduism has a lot of undiscovered secrets. Some of these have been lost in the transition from one generation to the other, as the knowledge known to the earlier generations was not transferred to the subsequent generations. The rishis of the ancient times had great knowledge about different sciences. They knew the healing powers of several herbs found in the forests; they could predict the weather by merely studying the sun, sky and the stars and planets in the sky; they knew the secrets of living a long life etc. The motive of this blog is to reveal some such secrets, which have always been a part of Hinduism.

In the last article we described the proportions of potential and kinetic energy in the second stage i.e. the world inhibited by the demi-gods.

Following is the continuation of the same:

In DEVALOKAM, the motion is uniform. This implies, the velocity of the moving objects is uniform.

i.e. in KE= ½ mv², the velocity 'v' remains uniform.

Let us now understand the meaning of the sentence,

‘UNTIL IT IS FORCED BY SOME EXTERNAL FORCE’ in a spiritual terminology.

This external force, which disturbs the uniform motion, is described as “ASURA” (devil). These devils create an imbalance. In Hinduism, this imbalance is described as WAR between DEVA and ASURA. Thus an imbalance in the uniform motion in scientific terms is the war that happens between the good and the evil or between the devas (demi-gods) and the asuras (devils).

As per law, TE should be constant always. At the end of war, the equilibrium is achieved. Thus the total energy remains constant.

The story of DEVALOKAM is full of pity. This is because there is a lot of volatility at this level as far as the quantum of potential and kinetic energies is concerned. The quantum of both the forms of energy is continuously swinging here. The potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy when the uniform motion in this world is disturbed by devils who challenge the demi-gods for a war. The potential state of the demi-gods then gets converted to kinetic energy as the war starts. At the end of the war again the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. Also, the devas have to constantly keep a watch on the pull exerted on them by the ground (g). They have to maintain their high altitude (position) obtained by earning of many good virtues (punyam). Else, they would be pulled down to the third stage i.e. the world of the mortals (human beings). They can also get elevated to the higher world (first stage) provided they are successful in increasing their potential energy and decreasing the kinetic energy. This is possible through penance.

So to summarise, the potential energy here is alternative. The kinetic energy is imbalanced by unwanted enemy forces.

On one side gravitation pulls the Deva to the earth. On the other side, the Asura imbalances the KE by disturbing the velocity of the Deva.

Thus the position of demi-gods is like that of a person sitting on a see-saw. They may go up or fall down.

That was about the second stage. Lets look at the third stage in our next article. Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Potential energy and Kinetic energy


Dear Readers,


In this article, we describe the second stage (intermediate stage) which is inhibited by the devas or demi-gods. We will look at the proportions of potential and kinetic energy at this altitude. In the first stage, we understood that the potential energy is infinite whereas the kinetic energy is nil. Let us see that in this stage, what is the case.

The intermediate stage, Devalokam.

PE = mgh, and KE = ½mv²

In this stage, the 3 variables namely m, g, v have a role i.e. unlike in the first stage where mass ‘m’ was negligible, velocity ‘v’ had no role and gravitational pull ‘g’ was nil, here, in this stage, all these variables have values.

Let us see how this statement

TE = mgh + ½mv² = a constant, is true in this stage.

In this stage, the crucial role is played by g = gravitational acceleration. It is the force exerted by the earth that pulls everything towards it. Gravitational acceleration pulls the body from heaven to the ground.

Velocity, ‘v’ represents movement, since here, in Devalokam, movement takes place.

PE = mgh, where m = mass, g = gravitational acceleration, h = height.

‘m’ represents body mass. The Devas possess a comparatively high value of energy over human beings in the context of mass. ‘m’ has a high value in this stage. ‘h’ represents height from ground to Devalokam.

The gravitation force pulls the body, (Deva) from heaven to ground.

Let us take a scientific example to understand all this:

The rockets that are sent to outer space should have the energy to overcome the gravitational pull exerted by the earth (‘g’). Only when they cross the influence of ‘g’, they can orbit in the sky without falling back to the earth. Once this energy gets exhausted, the rockets cannot remain in space; they fall on the ground.

The same is applicable to the Devas. Once the account of punyam (virtues) gets exhausted, they lose their energy. Once they lose their energy, the gravitation pulls them back to the earth.

Potential energy at the intermediate stage:

Here PE= mgh is different than what it was in the first stage. In the first stage, height was infinite and hence, PE was infinite. But in this stage, height is finite, and gravitational force ‘g’ is also present. Mass is also finite here (in the first stage it was negligible.)

In Devalokam, the PE=>mgh oscillates.

The ‘g’ pulls the DEVA to ground. The Deva tries very hard to hold on to the potential energy (PE) that he possesses to come out of the trap of ‘g’.

Kinetic energy at the intermediate stage.

Coming to the kinetic energy,

KE= ½ mv².

V= velocity of object. Velocity is judged by motion.

Here, another scientific law; ‘a law of motion’ comes into picture

It goes thus: ‘‘every inanimate body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion along a straight line, unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force”.

Below is the break up of the key words from the above statement.

1. State of rest = Ground (P.E.)

2. Uniform motion


Let us apply this law with the above key words to Hinduism. But for that wait till our next article.

Till then, radhekrishna. Do more and more chanting.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Potential energy and Kinetic energy


Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna! We discussed the terms Potential energy and Kinetic energy in our previous article. We explained to you these two terms in ‘spiritual terminology.’ We continue with our explanations in this article also.

A body (mass) can have three stages. levels on the basis of height (altitude)

1. In the sky

2. Intermediate

3. On the earth i.e. (Ground level)


The total energy remains constant at any point in time

Total energy = Potential energy + Kinetic energy

i.e. TE = PE + KE

= mgh + ½mv²

remains constant at any point in time in all the three stages viz.

1. The sky

2. Intermediate

3. Ground.

The first stage (sky) includes the upper worlds of Vaikuntham,

The intermediate stage includes Devalokam, (the world of demi-gods) and

The ground level is represented as Bhoolokam. (the world of we human beings)

Let us discuss the proportions of potential and kinetic energy in each of the above stages, one by one. Let us find out that at every level (altitude) if the total energy is 100% then out of this 100% how much percent if potential energy and how much percent is kinetic energy.

State 1 : Sky

The sky is boundless. One does not know where the sky actually ends. The fact is that there is no end to the height of sky.

In the sky, h (height) = infinity.

So in the upper worlds, the proportion of potential energy is highest whereas kinetic energy is nil.

With the means of scientific formulae, this can be explained as under:

potential energy = mgh,

where mass (m) is negligible and height (h) is infinite.

In the sky, the gravitational pull exerted by the earth, which pulls everything towards the earth, is nil owing to the high altitude. It has no effect in the formula PE = mgh

So, PE = mg x infinity

= infinity

KE = ½mv², where v = velocity of light.

In the sky, ‘m’ is negligible and velocity ‘v’ has no role to play since there is no movement in the sky. So v² has no impact. Therefore, KE = 0.

Thus it can be concluded that

In the sky, TE = infinite PE + 0. (Where KE = 0).

The person who possesses such immense potential energy is given a very high position in the upper worlds.

So in the upper worlds various posts are given depending on the hierarchy of PE (potential energy).

At the apex (top most level) of this hierarchy of the upper worlds, is the abode of Lord Shri Krishna which is called Vaikuntham. Lord Krishna is the caretaker of one and all. Below him are the various forms of Lord Krishna such as Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the maintainer and Shiva, the destroyer. Their worlds are Brahmalokam, Vishnulokam and Rudralokam. These forms have been assigned their respective duties and are hence they are a subset of Lord Krishna.

We will look at the remaining stages in our forthcoming articles as regards the extent or proportion of potential and kinetic energy at those stages.

Till then do continuous chanting by just surrendering yourself at the lotus feet of Lord Shri Krishna. Total Surrender (sharanagathi) is one of the most important messages which is spread to everyone by our beloved Gurujiamma. She has always stressed the importance of shedding one's ego and surrendering to Lord Krishna.

Try out this method just as you eat a food preparation, which you have never eaten before.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam


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