Sunday, July 22, 2007

What is Reiki?



Radhekrishna to our readers!

We have explained in detail about the scientific reason behind holding a wooden rod commonly known as 'Dhandam' in Hinduism under the left armpit by the rishis (sages).

This means that as per pure science, in the light of electricity concepts, the DHANDAM stops the negative energy flow from the cosmos in to our body.

In this article let's know about a few other concepts.


'ReiKi' is commonly understood to be a holistic system of natural healing which utilizes the divine or universal energy to treat various ailments. It’s a combination of two words 'Rei' and 'Ki'.

The word “Rei” signifies the universal energy and the word “Ki” signifies the life force energy.

Reiki is the translation of the original Indian word “Brahmaprana” (BRAHMAPRANA).

“Brahma” refers to brahmaand (BRAHMAAND), the universe and “Prana” (PRANA) means 'Life Force Energy' which is the same as “Ki” in Japan (Life Force Energy) or ''Chi'' in China (Life Force Energy).

Acupressure works on the principles of regulating the energy flow of “Chi” fluid.

Throughout our body, the Chi fluid flows continuously. When a blockage is formed, the ailments arise. This happens because the 'chi' fluid i.e. the life force energy gets accumulated in certain parts of the body only. It does not flow to other parts of the body. For the body to function properly, this fluid should flow evenly to all parts.

So to rectify such a problem, what is to be done? Read on…

In our body, there are specific energy points called as Chi Points which we call it, as acupressure points.

By giving pressure on the respective points, we can distribute the excess energy accumulated in that area, to other parts of the body. This distribution brings in the equilibrium. The equilibrium state is health.

The word Brahmaprana (BRAHMAPRANA) is mentioned in BHAGAVATHAM and YOGA SUTHRAM. So this technique is known to Hinduism since ages!!

Whereas the names like 'Reiki' have come to light just recently. That’s the greatness of out Hinduism. So be proud that you are a part of Hinduism.

More to come in the next issues. Till then do lots of Chanting. Radhekrishna!!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Friday, July 06, 2007

The ultimate weapon to fight a ghost!



Dear Readers,
Radhekrishna once again!

In this article let us know more about the wooden rod known as 'Dhandam' carried by the rishis of the ancient times.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles, the rishis used to carry the Dhandam under their left armpit. Let us know the intricacies as to how the Dhandam was of use to them.

As we all know, the energy flow requires the connectivity of positive and negative terminal. Without such connectivity, the energy cannot flow. The NADI (energy flow in the body), that is governing the left hand side, will be flowing from the head to foot. The head acts as the positive terminal. The feet act as the negative terminal. This entire structure is similar to that of a battery.

Now what does the Dhandam have to do with all this? Read on…

By carrying a wooden stick, the rishi actually prevents the negative energy flows from the universe to him. The wood, being a non – conductor, stops the passage of electricity when the negative energy flows from the universe try to affect the rishi. The negative energy flows are the evil forces called as demons or more popularly known as 'rakshasas' in Hinduism.

The armpit, is just below the SHOULDER BLADE POINT (TSIENN – IU POINT OF ACCUPRESSURE). This means the energy either positive or negative stored in the body will be focused in the Tsienn – Iu Point. The wooden stick, kept at the underneath of this point, actually prevents the flow of electric impulses.

We have already seen that, GHOST - means, the negative universal energy(Refer the previous articles of this blog for the same).

It flows from the earth in to our body through that acupressure point which has been our subject matter i.e. the Tsienn – Iu Point (shoulder blade.)

People who are affected by a ghost suffer from fits. When that happens it can be observed that the shoulders vibrate to and fro. Why do the shoulders have to vibrate?

The answer is that the shoulders represent the energy point. (Tsienn – Iu) through which the energy flows in and out of the body from and to the universe.

The innocent looking yet extremely effective and powerful wooden stick, known as Dhandam in Hinduism, prevents this energy flow.

So whenever the rishis became aware that there were negative energies around them, they made use of this Dhandam to prevent energy flows between their body and the environment in which the negative energies are present.

This is because the rishis were a reservoir of lots of positive energies attained through a lot of tough penance. So they did not want these energies to flow away from their bodies to the environment in which the negative energies were present. Conversely, they also didn't want the negative energies to flow into their body which would annul the positive energies already present in their bodies.

Moral of the story is dear friends that The DHANDAM CAN DRIVE AWAY THE GHOST.

Don’t you agree?

Keep thinking over this till we return with lots of more secrets from the enigma known as Hinduism.

Till then Radhekrishna
Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

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