Sunday, August 19, 2007

A ghost in the forest!



Dear Readers

A very happy 60th Independence Day to all of you! Celebrate this independence by doing lots of namajapam and Guru Dhynanam.

In the previous article the photosynthesis process was explained. It is the process by which the trees prepare their food using sunlight, carbon–di–oxide and water. When the trees carry out this process, they take in carbon–di–oxide from the air and give out oxygen. However after sunset, the trees take in oxygen and give out carbon–di–oxide and other gases. Hence although one can rest under a tree during daytime, one must not do so during night time.

But sometimes it can so happen that one may need to rest under a tree during night time.

For eg: Some one roaming in a forest may have to rest under a tree. The gases emitted from the trees may be hazardous, during night. The gases such as Carbon mono – oxide (CO), Lead oxide (PbO2), Tin Oxide etc., are not good for health. We speak about air pollution, due to the emission of burnt fuels, from the vehicles. The same thing may happen in the forest also on account of the exhalation of harmful gases by the trees.

Since the forest is a closed environment, the sudden gush of air from the swinging of branches may produce large entry of poisonous gases into the body. These gases directly enter the circulatory system leading to bleeding from nostrils and ears.

If a person does not know the reasoning behind the happening of such phenomena, then it's pretty obvious that he will be terribly sacred. The layman used to describe that the swinging of branches indicates the arrival of ghost, and the attack of ghost results in bleeding from nostrils. (as if the ghost as slapped the victim!). The external context may be omitted. We need to know the reason behind it.

When a person faces such a situation, what can he/she do? If the person is ignorant about the reasons for such happenings, he is sure to be frightened like anything and that fright, more than anything else, can harm him the most; and it may even take the life of that person!

Such a condition in which there is bleeding from the nostrils and the mouth is termed as 'Concussion'.

However, there is a solution for such a situation. In the science of Acupressure, there are 3 different points for the cure of the traumatic condition.

We will discuss the same in our next article. Till then do more and more chanting.


Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The concept of photosynthesis



Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna to all!

The last article focused on the concept of 'Reiki' which is word having it's roots in Japan.

We mentioned that the word Reiki is the translation of the original Indian word “Brahma Prana”. Brahma Prana is mentioned in Bhagavatham and Yoga Suthram. The life force is represented as “PRANA”.

Let's have a quick rewind of the concepts that we have explained in the recent articles on this blog. If you have been regularly reading our articles then you must be well conversant with these terms. But for those who have joined the blog recently, a quick recap for them. Then we move on with a new topic.

1) PADHA RAKSHA: Wooden slippers – to close the electric circuit at the feet, preventing the drain out of divine energy.

2) CHINMUDHRA: The yogic meditation symbol, using the fingers of our Right hand, which acts as a battery and circulates electromagnetic energy flow into the body.

3) The other MUDHRA, on the left hand side, which represents the out flow of energy – electronic motor nerve impulses from the body.

4) PADHMASANA: The seating position, which puts pressure on the right feet knee – cap below point, which in turn check the sexual cravings.

5) DHANDAM: The wooden stick, kept below the armpit of left hand side, which prevents the flow of negative energy through the left side NADI.

6) KANGHANAM: Open type copper bracelet – which relieves nervous debility and hysterical symptoms. It also creates a vacuum, which diverts the shock impulses (ghost affliction) to the cosmos. All these are scientific principles discussed on the basis of acupressure and electromagnetism.

Now, let us touch upon a new topic.

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out Carbon – di – Oxide. Students learn this in their early school days. Further we also know that the trees absorb this CO2 (Carbon di oxide) and give out oxygen, which purifies the air. Hence it's always emphasized that we should plant more and more trees. They are an indispensable part of the ecological system. And nowadays rapid urbanization and industrialization has made it all the more important to grow more trees. Otherwise a day will come when even breathing will become impossible due to paucity of oxygen in the air.

Further, the trees which take in the Carbon–di–oxide, breathe out the same, after a certain period of time. This is because; the trees carry out the process of photosynthesis during the day time. Photosynthesis is the process by which the trees derive energy. They prepare food for themselves through this process. It is done using sunlight, carbon–di–oxide and water. As sunlight is one of the ingredients of this process, the trees are forced to carry out this process during day time. So as long as the trees receive sunshine, they keep on taking in carbon–di–oxide and preparing their food. After the sun sets, they consume the food energy prepared and stored by them during the day. Hence it's said that one should rest under a tree during daytime but not during the night time.

….. to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.


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