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Potential energy and Kinetic energy


Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
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On the 11th of July was an important day according to the Hindu Calendar. It was Guru Pournima. In this regard, let us surrender ourselves to the feet of our Gurujiamma who is the Ultimate Liberator bestowed by Lord Shri Krishna and our Guruji Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar and offer the humble prayers. It is only Their blessings because of which all the members of Radhekrishna Sathsangam have realized the true purpose of this precious human life.

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Ammavaku Jay!

Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasarka Jay!

Coming back to the articles, let us know see the interpretation of zero potential energy and 100% kinetic energy in the third stage.

Human beings often feel that they have a “very high position” in the society. They take a lot of pride in saying this to others. But this so-called ‘high position’ is just an illusion. The actual ‘high position’ can be earned when a human being elevates himself to the upper worlds of ‘Vaikuntham’.

Thus on the earth (third stage) PE = 0 means that all the positions held by us, by means of posts, popularity etc., are zero in the context of GOD.

Isn’t it so very true dear readers? We toil for years to earn a position in the so-called ‘Society’ but of what use is it? One incident like the blasts of July 11, 2006 and the entire effort of so many years can go down the drain within seconds!!

Now let us know the interpretation of kinetic energy being 100% in this stage.

KE= ½ mv² Here m=mass v=velocity (motion).

KE= represents the “KARMA YOGAM”. Karma yogam in a nutshell is about dedicating all ones actions to the highest authority i.e. Lord Krishna.

In the Bhagwath Gita Lord Krishna has clearly instructed that whatever we eat, whatever we do, whatever austerities we perform, we should dedicate all of them to Him. This is the only way to remain unaffected by the results of those actions. One will not get disappointed from the results of any actions performed by him if they are dedicated to Lord Krishna.

A man can elevate himself to higher ENERGY LEVELS.

Through KE = 1/2mv². (m = body mass index).

V = velocity represents the bodily actions.

On the earth, man has energy in the form of KE= ½ mv²

As has been said again and again, the total energy remains constant.

So, if KE = ½ mv² reaches the levels compared to DEVALOKAM, then at that time, that particular soul is elevated to DEVALOKAM. When the individual acquires the energy equivalent to a propelling rocket, which orbits in the sky, out beating the gravitation force, then that individual possesses immense KE. So he enters the second stage inhibited by the demi-gods (Devalokam). Once this divine energy of KE expires, he falls from heaven to ground (just as a rocket would fall back to the earth if the fuel in it gets exhausted). So also by our actions we can get directly elevated to the first stage i.e. Vaikuntham.

Now to summarise the three stages,

On Earth KE= ½ mv²= KARMA YOGAM works.

In the second stage, Devalokam (Intermediate) = A balance should be achieved. ‘g’ should be overcome by means of height.(Holding very high PE to overcome the effect of ‘g’). KE should be maintained by means of uniform motion namely v= velocity should be uniform.

In the first stage (sky) (Vaikuntham)

PE=mgh=Infinite Potential Energy

When h= ∞ (Infinity) that represents the divine abode of BHAGAVAN. Here mgh= Infinite. KE= ½ mv² has ‘no’ role to play.

Because m is negligible, v is uniform i.e. in the divine abode of Bhagavan (Vaikuntham), the body becomes mass less (negligible mass).

Even though the body is there in the VAIKUNTHAM, it becomes senseless. So, there the effect of heat, cold, pleasure, and pain on the human body does not exist. The velocity ‘v’ remains uniform i.e. there is no movement at this stage.

The life of VAIKUNDAM remains with infinite PE and uniform motion of KE.

Thus the law of conservation of energy can very well be accounted by HINDUISM and KARMA THEORY.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Potential energy and Kinetic energy



Dear Readers,


We have already discussed two out of three stages with respect to the proportions of potential and kinetic energy and the following were the conclusions:

In the first stage (Vaikuntham), the proportion of potential energy is 100% whereas that of kinetic energy is nil.

In the second stage (Devalokam), there is a continuous transformation from potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa.

Now let us see what is exactly the case in the third and the last stage i.e. Bhoolokam (the world of human beings).

The Bhoolokam (earth),

On the earth, the value of the variable, ‘height’ (h) in the formula

P.E. = mgh is ‘0’

Hence, PE = mg x 0 = 0

Now if the total of P.E. + K.E. has to be 100% always, then it means that at this stage, the proportion of kinetic energy has to be 100%. This in turn means that all the energy that human beings (who inhibit this world) have, is in the kinetic form i.e. owing to their motion.

Thus, on earth we human beings have zero potential energy. We do not possess the powers to lift our bodies by ourselves and fly above the ground in the sky i.e. we don’t have powers to defy the gravitational force (g) exerted by the earth on us. The influence of this force on us constantly keeps us on the ground. But in the ancient times, the rishis, with the power of meditation and yoga, attained powers that could make them fly in the sky thereby defying the gravitational force.

In the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in which he was born as the son of King Dashratha as Lord Rama, there is an incident when the brother of Lord Rama (Lakshmana) gets severely injured in the battle with the army of Ravana and the vaidya (known as a ‘doctor’ in today’s world) advises that a particular herb called as ‘Sanjeevani’ which was found only on the mountain named ‘Nilgiri’ in the Himalayas be brought. Now this herb had to be made available overnight! So at that time the devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman, (who is the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva) rises to the occasion and flies all the way from Sri Lanka to the Himalayas and back in one night’s time to get that herb. Now several people, especially Indians, know all this as they would have heard this as a bedtime story from their grandparents.

But the mentioning of all this, in this article of ours, has a different purpose altogether. The point to be noted from the above incident is that how was it possible to get that herb in such a short time? The answer, if put ‘scientifically’, is that Lord Hanuman converted his body mass into energy, which helped him move at the speed of light thereby facilitating the successful accomplishment of the task, overnight. When a body (mass) is converted into energy, it can travel with a very high velocity. The above incident was ‘just’ another example of conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy.

In our next article, let us see that what is the interpretation of zero potential energy and 100% kinetic energy at this third stage (ground level) or (earth), in hinduism.

Till then do Guru Dhyanam (reflecting on one’s Guru, continuously thinking about one's Guru; and enjoy the real bliss). Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam


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