Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear Readers,
Last time we explained the way by which we can remember Lord Krishna during the last moments of the life and by doing which its possible for one to attain salvation. But a small 'apparent' loophole exists in the method described which has to be clarified.
So here we go...

You readers might think (as is the normal human tendency) that well if that is so then let me live my life the way i want; let me enjoy my life thouroughly; then at the end of my life i'll remember Lord Krishna and attain salvation and I wont have to bear the consequences of any evil actions that I may have performed during my lifetime.

This is a very natural way of thinking. But dear readers its not as easy as it seems at the first instance. If one thinks in the way mentioned above then there is a great chance that one will not remember The Lord during his last moments. The simple reason being that one cannot do a thing perfectly when he does it for the first time. Even when a small baby first starts walking on its own without the support of its parents, it falls not once but time and again; till after a few months it learns walking.Any action for that matter cannot be perfected when doing it for the first time.So also one will remember Lord Krishna at the time of his death only if he inculcates this habit of remebering the Lord during his lifetime itself.Only when one remembers the Lord either offering prayers, by chanting his name, singing hymns in his praise, always remembering his various forms throughout one's lifetime, reading or listening to his leela's; only then is it possible for one to remember the Lord whilst lying on one's death bed. Put in a nutshell, and looking at it from a scientific or logical way then it can be said that one needs to ruminate the thoughts about Lord Krishna again and again to be able to remember him while lying on one's death bed.

This explanation sounds so practical doesn't it? A student who has to give so many exams in his life will immediately agree to it! No doubt about it!! How does one remember all the answers to questions in an exam? He reads his textbooks over and over again, writes those answers which he cannot memorise by reading alone;so also, revises his lessons just a day before the exam and then YES! he remembers all the answers during the exam time.He writes the answers and passes the exam.

Similarly, the last moments of one's life is the biggest exam which one has to give. Not only give but also pass in the exam! One can pass in this all important exam only if one studies for this exam throughout his life!! The method of study being chanting the Lord's name as and when he can during his lifetime, dedicating all actions performed as an offering to the Lord; all with sincerity and devotion.These two qualities are so powerful that anything and everything is attainable with the help of these qualities.

If one develops a casual attitude that this chanting and all is the business of old age and that let me do all this during my old age then it would be very similar to a student thinking that there is still time left for my exam and let me enjoy and not study. In the end when the student opens his books to study he suddenly realises that there is not much time left to study. He ultimately fails in his exams due to such attitude. So also is the case of so many individuals who think in the manner described above already! They fail in the all important exam of life and
then it is:

“Punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam, puranapi janane, jatare sayanam.”

i.e. Taking birth again, facing death again, continuously sleeping in this illusionary
world….. "

So dear readers, awaken!! start your preparations for this all important exam from now itself! life is very precious. So put it to the best use! all the best !!!

... to be continued.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Science and Hinduism


Dear readers,

We left you with a question last time which was:In order to remember Lord Krishna at the last moment of one's life what does one have to do?
We promised you all that the answer would be spelt out in the next posting.
Let us take an example from our day to day life to explain the answer.

To assure oneself of a steady flow of income in the old age people save a part of their present earnings(salaries) and invest the same in provident funds etc. So also the risk of accidents of various kinds has increased greatly especially in urban areas nowadays. So people take out insurance policies for themselves and for their family members so that in the uncertain future if anything happens to them then their near and dear one's will get some financial help from the insurance companies. Else on maturity of the policy, the policy holder himself will get a lumpsum amount of money during his old age.But for getting this sum of money the individuals need to pay some annual premium money to the insurance companies. Only then do they get the lumpsum amount. If a person fails to pay the premium regularly then because of this default he does not get the lumpsum amount of money.

Similarly, coming back to spirituality and hinduism, we can say that the insurance company corresponds to Lord Krishna (the greatest insurer!!). He will definitely give us salvation or moksha (which corresponds to the lumsum amount a policy holder gets on maturity of his/her policy).But that carries a price tag to it. That price tag or premium is to chant his name as and when one can with bhakti or devotion. Just as a person allocates a part of his earnings to pay premium, He expects us to allocate some time towards chanting. See how merciful is Lord Krishna!! He is ever ready to give us something that is so precious!! He is ready to give us the ultimate thing!! i.e. salvation or moksha. And for that how little he is asking us to do!! "mere" chanting of his name as and when we can with devotion and a firm steadfast faith in Him. Is it not easy to do it? The important point being that he does not differentiate whether a person is rich or poor, whether he is a brahmin or a shudra etc etc. He never differentiates between persons on any such superfluous grounds! What great mercy of the almighty! In the example stated above of the insurance companies, it is to be noted that only those who are capable of parting with their savings now in the present can enjoy benefit in the future from the companies. But what about those people who cannot afford to part with their present savings because they earn just enough to feed themselves and their families? what will they do? but as far as chanting is concerned it is a thing which every human being can do!!

The correspondence is as under:
Krishna : Insurance Company
Bhakti/Devotion : Premium
Salvation/Moksha : Lumpsum on maturity

Got the point dear readers?So the conclusion or the moral of the story is this:In order that we remember Lord Krishna at the last moments we need to chant his name with utmost devotion and faith during our lifetime. We have to allot time to chant the name of Lord Krishna. And this is not at all a difficult thing to do. We have so much time everyday for chanting. Those persons who travel daily either by bus or by train can chant whilst travelling. These persons are generally the workoholic types who believe in the maxim 'work is worship'. For them work is more important than anything else in their life. Then, housewives can chant whilst doing their household duties, not to mention about retired people who are free almost the enitre day! they are the most fortunate ones who can devote maximum time to chant if they wish!

These are the finer areas where science has its limitations and where spirituality excels. This is the true wealth that our motherland India has, this wealth of spirituality. Unfortunately very few amongst us are aware of this precious wealth.It is an objective of our blog to make a sincere attempt to spread the messages that are stated in our scriptures so that the people in India and also the world across gain this knowledge and try their best to march on the path of salvation.

"An open challenge to anyone to prove that science has something of this kind through which it is possible for one to escape from the reactions of one's actions!"

......... to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

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