Monday, May 21, 2007

The significance of holding a wooden stick under the left armpit!



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We bring you a fresh and new concept from the Acupressure technique in this article. Later on as we proceed we will also explain to you how the same technique is linked to Hinduism. Its something which will definitely make you exclaim in surprise as to
'WOW! I didn't know that there can be such deep logic hidden in this apparently ignorant matter!' yes dear readers, the article is like that! Without making you wait any longer here we go with the article.

In the body, as per YOGA SUTHRA, two types of energy flow in a rhythmic manner. The energy flow in the body is termed as NADI.

There are two types of NADI. They are 'IDAI' and 'PINGALAI'. One controls the left hand side of the human body, while the other controls the right hand side.

In olden times, The RISHI’S who used to stay in the forests and perform 'yagnas' (a ritual that generally involves lighting up a sacrificial fire and reciting manthras etc) used to carry a wooden stick under the armpit of the left hand side. This wooden stick was called as 'DHANDAM'. This scene can be actually seen in a few programmes on the television like 'Ramayanam' and 'Mahabharatham' in which the persons performing the role of the rishis actually carry this 'DHANDAM' under their left armpit(though in reality they may not be knowing the real reason behind doing so!). Now this may seem as a very irrelevant thing to the common man while watching these epics. But dear readers this seemingly unimportant thing has a very significant impact!

Logical questions like,

1. Why should they carry it on the 'left hand side' armpit region and not right hand side?
2. Why should they in the first place carry a 'DHANDAM' at all? arise in one's mind.

To which the answer goes thus:
In the human body, the left hand side corresponds to a NADI, which controls and improves the performance of mental creativity. It also controls the cravings and the sexual performances of human beings.

If one aggravates the power of this NADI, one actually induces and adds fuel to the fire of cravings. To check the progress of cravings, one has to control the body through a technique. The RISHI’S used to do this by carrying a wooden stick at the armpit of the left hand side. We know, that wood is a non – conductor of electricity and that it does not let electricity or energy pass through it. We have embarked upon this point in our previous articles related to the wearing of 'wooden slippers' by the rishis if you remember.

But what are the other aspects involved in this technique? What role does acupressure have in this technique? And how does Hinduism once again establish its omnipresent nexus in this science? Let us know the answer to all these questions in the net article.

Till then Radhekrishna! Keep on chanting continuously!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The magical bracelet!



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In the last article we touched upon an Acupressure technique with the help of which we could control the body and the nervous system in times when we have fear or are scared of something (ghostly fears etc) and consequently prevent a shock, heart attack, nervous breakdown, paralysis attack etc. We concluded by saying that there is a precaution to be observed while following the technique. Let's know about that in detail in this article.

Assume that in the technique mentioned, the ends of copper wrings were closed in shape, then let us the consequence of it.

In that case, the circuit will be open to electricity. This means the negative and positive terminal of the copper wrings were connected together. So, the electricity will be flowing just like the passage in a battery. Hence, the stored energy at the wrist point will pass on to the body. Then from the body, it will once again pass to the earth. This means, indirectly we are adding fuel to the fire. The ghostly energy will gain that power which has got passed on to the earth. This means the attack will be more. (The attack of ghost will be more). In order to avoid it, the ends of the copper wrings were kept open.

This is the scientific relevance of wearing the copper bracelet in the wrist, to drive away the ghosts in the forest.

Because when the wrings were open, the energy was not allowed to flow through the body to the earth. As a result the ghostly energy had no source of obtaining further energy.

Secondly, as a result of the same, the person wearing that copper bracelet could annul the ghostly energy with the help of the energy that he gained with the help of Acupressure technique that was enabled because of the bracelet.

GHOST represents the excess amount of negative energy (universal energy) in a particular place, which may pass on to our body. The acupressure point corresponds to annulling this excess energy. Ultimately thus the ghosts are nothing but reservoirs of negative energy.

So dear readers, doesn’t this sound astounding, fascinating? But then as it's rightly said, that 'Truth is stranger than fiction'. All these facts are not bed–time stories or bluff, but these are realities which seem like tales just because of the ignorance of the people. And it’s the light of Hinduism which can remove this darkness of ignorance. So come, join us and be a part of Radhekrishna Sathsangam and feel the positive change in your life and also the eternal bliss!


Sarvam Guruvarpanam


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