Thursday, September 20, 2007

Significance of the thread ceremony function



Dear Readers,

We discussed about the thread ceremony function held among the Hindus in the pervious article. This function takes place when a child is 5 to 7 years old. The main part of this function is wearing of the sacred thread around the body.

As mentioned in the previous article, during this function, there is also a tradition of wearing a thread around the waist.

This would seem unreasonable to a layman who is ignorant of the deep hidden secrets behind the traditions of Hinduism. One would naturally argue about the reason behind such a tradition.

Let us find out the significance of this tradition in this article.

The thread that the child wears around the waist is made of either gold or silver.

Here it's noteworthy that, silver or gold are metals that have a medicinal value. Metals, as is known to most of us, are good conducting medium. They help in the conductivity of motor nerve impulses within the body.

For those who are reading this blog for knowing more about science,

The chemical symbol for Gold is Au. The chemical name for Gold is Aurum. The symbol for silver is Ag. The chemical name is Argentum.

These metals give resistance to the body like a shock absorber, and prevent the body from the shock of any motor nerve impulses.

Please make a note that, from the tender age of 5 onwards, the boy is nourished with the pressure of CHANG – TSIAO point. So, he grows with the positive power of this Chi Energy. This is very beneficial and necessary for the human body.

Nowadays we can see advertisements in the idiot box i.e. television relating to health foods which the companies claim that they contain 'sona aur chandi' meaning 'silver and gold'! They have awakened pretty soon to realise the fact that these metals are beneficial to the human body. But they don’t know that this is known to Hinduism since ages!! Isn't it such a pity!

The other two points are also given pressure by wearing a KANGHANAM – bracelet around those parts.

Ignorant people laugh on seeing such actions during the ceremony and wonder what the people in the ceremony are doing. They feel that they have become hysterical. They think that why would one pierce one's body and wear ornaments, just like dressing a goat kept for slaughter; and kill one's natural beauty?

However please please remember that nothing in Hinduism is without a reason!

The sad part is that because the reasons for the phenomena are not known, today Hinduism is not benefiting the lives of the 100 crore plus population of India which is inhibited by Hindus majorly!

…to be continued

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Combating with the ghost!



Dear Readers

In the previous article we discussed about the hazards of resting under a tree during night due to emission of poisonous gases from the trees.

When such poisonous gases enter the human body it causes a concussion i.e. bleeding from the nostrils, ears and mouth. To recover from such a concussion, acupressure can be used.

If blood is oozing from ears and mouth, use CHANG – TSIAO and TEHAO – RAE left side. Further after 10 minutes the TSIENN – IU point has to be applied acupressure.

A brief on where the above acupressure points are located:

1) CHANG – TSIAO: The point lies on the backside lowermost bone.

2) TEHAO – RAE: The point lies on the left feet ankle joint.

3) TSIENN – IU: This point corresponds to energy, which has been discussed previously.

We now discuss these three points in detail:


Among Hindus, people wear a thread around their waist, usually tight giving pressure to this point. In the early years, at the age of 5 or 7 years, UPANAYANAM (Thread Ceremony) function is celebrated. (Sacred thread wearing ceremony). During this ceremony, a thread made of either Silver or Gold is given. The disciple (SHISHYA) is asked to wear this golden thread or silver thread, around his waist.

Further, in this ceremony, the SHISHYA is asked to stand on a hard stone. The PUROHIT (guru) recites a Slokha which has a meaning

“Let you be strong in mind and body like this hard rock”.

Now an obvious question will arise in the mind dear readers; that what is the necessity of the ceremony and the thread?

To know the answer to this question wait till our next issue.

Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam


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