Sunday, January 20, 2008

Leech Therapy




We mentioned in the year 2008 kick–off article that even foreigners admire the spiritual wealth of India. But today this wealth seems to have been lost in transit from generation to generation. In this article, we begin with a new series of topics. As promised we will take you through the marvelous science that is hidden in our evergreen Hinduism.

Many of us know what a 'leech' is. It is a small creature whose main food is blood. If it clings to a human body, it starts sucking the blood from that part of the body. From a layman's point of view, this creature is a menace.

However, in Hinduism, this creature is considered to be useful in curing arthritic pain.
Sounds astounding? Well read on to know more about it.

The below mentioned Shloka with its source as one of the scriptures in Hinduism, describes how the procedure should be carried out:


Atha jalaukovasekasadhyavyadhitamupavesya
samvesya va viruksya casya tamavakasam
mrdgomayacurnairyadyarujah syat
Grhitasca tah sarsaparajanikalkodakapradigdhagatrih
salilsarakamadhye muhurttasthita vigataklama
jnatva tabhi rogam grahayet
Argrhrnantyai ksirabindum sonitabndumva
dadyacchastrapadani va kurvita
Yadyecvamapi na grhniyattadanyamgrahayet


Then making the patient treatable with leaches sit or lie down; if he does not have a wound, roughen an opening with the powder of mud & cow dung.

  • Paste the leeches with the water of mustard, turmeric & incense
  • Let them soak in a pot full of water for 48 minutes
  • Confirm that they get rid of their tiredness
  • then have the wound gripped by them

Covering the leech with smooth, wet, white cotton, leave the mouth alone uncovered. If she does not bite, give her a drop of milk or blood or cut the wound. Even then if she does not bite, then, pick another.

Source: Surusta–samahita, Sutra–sthanam, Adhyayah 13, Paragraph 19 (6th Century BCE)

There are many questions unanswered at this point of time in your minds such as:

1. What makes the leeches so capable of being used for such treatment?
2. Isn't this treatment painful?
3. Can't there be a simpler & easier procedure for this disease in medical science?

To know the answers, wait till our next posting. Till then Radhekrishna!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

Saturday, January 05, 2008

India - A spiritual treasure house!



Radhekrishna to one & all! A very happy new year to all the Readers of our blog! We begin this year with something different.

In the image above are the thoughts of an Englishman. As you can all read, the person clearly mentions that 'We need to break the back bone of the country to be able to rule it.' And that backbone happens to be its spiritual & cultural heritage. This is a statement made during the time when the Britishers were conquering nation after nation & they had their sights on India also.

This is an ample proof of the power that spirituality & cultural heritage of our country has! It even has the power to resist an outsider country invasion! Though a foreign recognises it, but unfortunately so many citizens of our own country either dont know anything about it or they dont realise it! They are more inclined towards the western culture!

The foreigners are getting more and more inclined to know about our country. Every year so many foreigners come to India & visit the pilgrimage places & claim that they get peace of mind & solace! They donot have any reason to make false claims. They say only what they truly experience. Further examples include the foreigners researching on our Indian languages like Sanskrit & trees like the neem tree, the latest fashions abroad being the Salwar Kurtas and so on. There are ample proofs to show that westerners are simply amazed by the culture, heritage & spirituality of India. This is something which we should all know and take pride in; that we belong to such a great country.

However, we seem to have lost that sense of pride. We run behind western cultures nowadays!
People like to listen to rock & pop music instead of bhajans & devotional songs. The rock and pop music sounds so meaningless & noisy. It feels like someone banging a set of utensils! Further people like to wear dresses like trousers & skirts instead of Sarees & salwars. They dont mind even if they have to expose their bodies. People like to spend nights in discos & pubs instead of going to bed early & getting up early.

Truly, the backbone of our country seems to be broken! Its no wonder that incidents like the one that happened on new years eve in 2007 & 2008 happen. The victims, attracted by the western cultures, wanted to spend the new years night outside their home & had to face horrible consequences. If they had a little knowledge of our Indian culture & heritage, which forbids females from staying outside the houses very late, then such incidents can be easily avoided. It can be counter argued that it is the fault of the offenders. However it should be noted that after all said & done, the ultimate sufferes are the victims & not the offenders.
The victims should have known that whether a paper is brought near fire or a fire is brought near a paper, its the paper that is reduced to ashes & not the fire. So the best & simple solution is to stay away from the fire!

The purpose of our blog is exactly that! We wish to impart knowledge about the greatness of our Hindu culture & its supremacy over all others.
Do keep reading!
Till the next forthnight,

Sarvam Guruvarpanam

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