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Acupressure and Conservation of energy in hinduism

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam

Dear Readers,

In our previous article, we started a new topic ACCUPRESSURE AND ENERGY CONSERVATION IN HINDUISM. Now you all must have understood the reason why the rishis used to wear footwear made of wood in ancient times. There are many such small things, which appear to be very insignificant to the human mind in this modern day world. However there are certain important reasons why those things are, that way. Their significance cannot be appreciated unless the information about such things is disseminated to the people at large.

Right from childhood so many questions arise in our mind like:
Why is a rangoli drawn in front of the house?
Why does one hold fasts (not eating anything)?
Why must a tulasi plant be planted in the house?
Why are colours sprayed on each other during holi?
Why do people meditate?
So on and so forth.

All such things seem redundant to a person if he does not know the significance of those things. The purpose of our blog is to spread knowledge about all such things, which are small parts of the huge parcel known as 'Hinduism'.

Continuing from where we left last time, here is a brief description of the wooden slippers:

The wooden slippers will be having a single hold. On one side of this hold would be the toe (first finger of our leg) and on the other side of this hold would be the remaining four fingers; index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. One has to make a firm grip at the hold with the help of our toe and the index finger. This indirectly creates the effect of acupressure.

A specific acupressure point is located in the toes, which is connected to the brain and spinal chord.

When we obtain a firm grip on that hold of the PADHA RAKSHAI (wooden slippers) using our toe and our index finger, that specific acupressure point present in our toe, gets pressed. This activates the motor nerve impulses of brain and spinal chord making the power of meditation still more powerful. This is the reason why such slippers were worn in ancient times.

Moving further, there are various postures mentioned in yoga in which the rishis used to sit and do meditation. Now a question that arises is that why is it required to sit in certain specific postures only to meditate? The reason is that the yogic postures meant for meditation have specific significance towards acupressure points.

Following is an example:
The CHIN MUDHRA, is the basic type of meditation symbol. It is formed by folding the INDEX FINGER and THUMB. The tip of index finger represents the acupressure point for SINUS (ENERGY POINTS). SINUS FLUID is generated in the brain and it helps in the brain activity. The acupressure points connected to the thumb are

I) Pituitary gland
II) Pineal gland
III) Mental nerves
IV) head nerves and
V) spine.

Thus by folding the index finger and thumb, we are creating a circulation of electricity from one end to another.

The energy that is stored in the body flows to the thumb. That is passed on to the sinus points which are present in the index fingers. Thus a circuit of electricity is created, just like connecting the Negative and Positive Terminal of a battery. Here the circuit is a closed one. So, there is no loss of electricity. Thus the body current circulates within the body, without any loss. Thus the power of chanting (NAMA JAPAM) MULTIPLIES AND PRODUCES AN AVALANCHE EFFECT AS IN THE CASE OF ATOM BOMB.
Let us look at the scientific example of the atom bomb:
The energy released by small atoms is seemingly negligible. But, when the atoms are bombarded within the closed circuit, the energy released by these small atoms, combines
together. The cycle of bombardment is done, time after time. Thus it creates a massive energy. This massive energy bursts out, and there it attains the name of ATOM BOMB.

The same thing accounts well with chanting (NAMA JAPAM). But, the key point is that the circuit of electricity should be closed. The circuit is closed by CHIN MUDHRA in the hands. The energy loss is protected by PADHA RAKSHAI. (Wooden Slipper). Thus the energy released by the NAMA JAPAM accumulates time after time and it produces an avalanche effect, leading to enormous energy of unimaginable pores, as in the case of ATOM BOMB. Our Ancient Hinduism had a wonderful Science behind each and every aspect. Some People used to laugh at Rishis. They used to ask them, What is HE going to get by closing his eyes and folding his fingers and do continuous chanting? Yes, Of course HE is going to acquire enormous energy by means of HIS meditation and that energy will be stored within his body for future use by means of wearing the wooden slippers.

Let us know more about this in our next article. Till then Radhekrishna!!

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Accupressure and Conservation of energy in hinduism

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam

Dear Readers,

Radhekrishna! In this month falls a significant date which is 16th of August. The day is special because it is the festival of Janmashtami. It is Lord Krishna's birthday!
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for the details pertaining to this day's celebrations by our Radhekrishna Sathsangam.

Coming back to the articles,

We concluded our dicussions relating to the potential and kinetic energies and their links with hinduism in our last article.

In this article we will be hitting on the relation between Accupressure and conservation of energy with its links, obviously, with Hinduism.

Nowadays, everybody is becoming aware about and willing to try out Accupressure Techniques. The increasing role played by the various mass media like radio, television, internet etc is contributing to such awareness. There is a lot of advertising in newspapers, television etc about accupressure clinics, accupressure methods and re;ated topics. 'Accupressure' has certainly come into the limelight as the 'next big thing', in todays world.
Accupressure concentrates on knowing certain points on our human body which are connected through nerves with the vital organs of the body such as brain, heart etc. The technique revolves around applying force on such critical points to cure various ailments. Every critical part could be connected with one or more vital organs of the body.

However, the fact remains that it is not new to 'hinduism'. This technique was known to us since ancient times. The RISHI's, who did meditation in forests, or any place where they would be undisturbed, used to wear slippers made of wood.

Why a wodden slipper? If in todays world a person is asked to wear wooden footware, he would laugh out loudly saying that there are much better alternative footware available. However, this is because everyone is ignorant about the reasons hidden behind it.

Our body itself, becomes a source of electricity after meditation. Meditating upon God has various benefits. It gives peace of mind to the person. It makes a person 'Sattvic'. Sattva-(goodness). The concentration power of a person increases. Electricity produced in the body after meditation, should be stored. The reason why it should be stored is that just as water if allowed to flow at the time of monsoon, will get percolated into the soil i.e. earth; similarly, the energy that is produced within the human body, as a result of meditation, will get transferred to the earth when there is a contact between the body and the earth.

However, if the water during monsoon is stored in a dam, then it becomes a reservoir of energy (in this case potential energy of water which is stored). Similarly, the human body should also become a reservoir of energy if the energy acquired through meditation needs to be utilised in the future. As per Science, earth is a great electro-magnet. It can easily absorb electricity from any thing. So, on touching the ground, the body current passes from the human body to the earth. The energy that was stored in the body, will be transferred to the earth.

Thus the valuable exercise of mediating in order to obtain energy becomes worthless. We know that wood is a non-conductor of electricity. Current or energy for that matter cannot pass through wood. This fact was known to the rishis in the ancient times and they used it to great effect. Our body makes contact with the earth through the legs. The slippers made of wood, act as a non - conductor of electricity, and prevent the body current (the positive energy produced in the body, by virtue of meditation) from passing to the earth.

Ancient Hinduism,has a significant knowledge about electricity. The people of those times had chosen a non -conducting material namely, wood to preserve the body energy. This is the reason behind the wearing of wodden slippers by the rishis of those times.

However, you readers must be thinking that how is all this related with accupressure in any way? For the answer, wait till our next article.
Till then radhekrishna. Do Radhekrishna napajabam continuously and enjoy the bliss.

Sarvam Guruvarpanam.

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